Shape Shifting: Alternative Shapes for Picture Frames

Tired of the traditional rectangular or oval picture frames? Victorian Frame Company offers a lot of alternatives if you are thinking of trying other picture frame shapes for your home or office design needs. The creative use of these alternatively-shaped picture frames can add a unique look and feel to the atmosphere you are trying to create.

Here are some shapes you can consider:

Heart frames

These heart-shaped frames are made of finely crafted solid wood and are hand finished based on your preference. Heart-shaped frames are popular, especially during occasions like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. Heart frames are ideal for solo portraits or portraits of a couple, where you crop the picture to ensure that the subject of the picture is in the middle of the heart frame.

Some display ideas:

You can display a number of heart frames in a sunburst or flower pattern by mounting the frames on the wall in a circle. You just need to make sure that the hooks are placed where they will support the frames securely. You can also use a picture frame ledge or a short wooden or metal rod and hang the heart frames using ribbons. This is ideal for a family theme, where there is a family portrait at the ledge and heart frames for each family member hanging from there.

Cathedral frames

Cathedral frames are actually very traditional, hailing back from the Victorian era. These feature oblong shaped frames but with one flat end. You can include convex glass in your cathedral frame to capture that romantic Victorian look. This is perfect not just for portraits but also for pastoral scenes or that picture of your favorite flower. The curved ends of the upper half provides a smoother contrast than the clear-cut straight lines of a rectangular frame.

Some display ideas:

Aside from displaying portraits using this frame, you can actually use the frame to make a stained glass artwork. You do not need the backing for this project. For a more secure frame, though, you will need additional trim on the reverse side. You can hang the frame from the window and enjoy how light transforms the stained glass picture and adds a warm glow to the room.

Hexagon picture frames

The smooth and graceful lines of the six sides of the frame are a refreshing alternative to the four straight lines in rectangular frames. Again, this works very well for portraits and pictures with a central focus.

Some display ideas:

You can utilize the beehive design (that also uses a hexagonal shape). This unique gallery display makes use of a number of frames of the same shape and size.

Oblong picture frames

These frames are similar to the oval frames. However, oblong frames feature straight sides, unlike the rounded curves of the oval frames. Oblong picture frames are also called Double Boiler Frames or Race Track Frames. Like oval frames, these frames are ideal for portraits. You can provide an antique look and feel to the frame by including convex glass.

Some display ideas:

Display heirloom portraits of ancestors or needlework using oblong picture frames. You can also incorporate oblong picture frames to a wall gallery of rectangular frames for a bit of contrast.

24th Jul 2015 Eric Morgan

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