Showcase Your Sports Passion with Jersey Display Cases

If you are a big sports fan, chances are, you will never pass up a chance to collect its memorabilia. And there are so many – pennants, balls, trading cards and of course, jersey shirts. These jerseys can be souvenirs from your Little League days or from your high school and college varsity days or a jersey that was worn and autographed by your favorite player.

These shirts can be worth a lot in terms of sentimental value or in terms of literal value. Important and autographed jersey shirts can fetch quite an amount when these are in mint condition. That is why these jersey shirts need some tender love and care!

As a jersey shirt collector, your desire to display your collection may conflict with your desire to keep your collector’s items away from potential damage. If you keep it out in the open, your shirt will be vulnerable to dirt, moths, moisture (that may cause mold and mildew) and even the sun’s harmful UV rays. If you keep it inside a box, you may also have to deal with moths and moisture. So how can you have your jersey and display it, too? Why not use a jersey display case?

At Victorian Frame Company, you can display a wide variety of jerseys from different sports such as baseball, soccer, football or basketball. Some of these cases follow the shape of the jersey while others bear a rectangular shape.

A jersey display case is a custom display case that is designed specifically to fit and display jerseys. This provides sufficient depth not just for the jersey but also a mounting board. It is fitted in such a way that you can mount the shirt without the need to use permanent adhesives such as glue.

Since the jersey will need careful mounting and framing, take note of the following considerations:

  • Match the case with the overall design of the room. Where will you be hanging the display case? Usually, you will be displaying the frame in the den, your “man cave” or office. Try to match the color of the case with the color scheme of the house. If that is not possible, a good choice would be a black frame.
  • Think about getting glazing equipped with UV protection. The sun’s rays can cause cloth to fade over time. Even the light from artificial sources such as a fluorescent light can do some damage. With UV protection, the ultraviolet rays do not pass through the glass so that the jersey is not vulnerable to sun damage.
  • Decide what you want to display. You need to fold the jersey in such a way that you will display not just the team name, but the player’s name and number as well. Fold the jersey in different ways until you get the configuration you desire.
  • Iron the uniform before mounting. You do not want to show a creased jersey, do you? When passing the iron over to the jersey, remember that you should not place the settings to “high” since the very hot iron may burn a hole on the jersey.
  • Mount the jersey to the backing provided. A jersey display case will come with suede or velvet backing boards were you can mount the jersey. You may do this by:
    • Sewing the jersey to the mounting board. You may use light stitches to secure key areas of the shirt to the backing board. When doing so, use a thread color that is the same as the shirt and make careful stitches in areas where they cannot be seen. Since the shirt is very light, its weight will not pull at the stitches that may tear the fabric.
    • Pinning the jersey with framing pins. These pins hold the jersey in place. Make sure that the pins are made of stainless steel so that they will not rust and damage the shirt over time. When pinning the shirt, be careful so that you do not unnecessarily poke holes into the fabric.
8th Sep 2014 Eric Morgan

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