Showcasing Memorabilia with Display Cases

Treasured keepsakes have a way of evoking memories and feelings. This may remind you of moments with the family or your fascination with a particular sport, athlete, movie actor or singer. You can also capture interests and memorabilia of your youth. With Victorian Frame Company’s selection of specialized display cases, you can have a stunning display of these cherished possessions.

Here are some ideas of how you can display your treasures:

  • Musical display. With Victorian Frame Company’s options for customized display cases, you can display something as simple as a conductor’s baton to something as complex like a full-sized guitar. We can create a shadow box frame that follows the shape of your instrument. So, if you want to frame the very first violin you had, feel free to stylize this with its bow and some music sheets, knowing that we can create the kind of display you desire.
  • Heritage display. Tell a story of your grandparents by featuring some of the heirlooms that also served as landmarks of their relationship. This can include love letters, old photos, pieces of antique jewelry and other items that can take you to a walk down memory lane. For this kind of display, you can opt to use an acrylic dome that has convex glass. And, for your kitchen display, you can your grandmother’s handwritten recipes of family favorites, along with her trusty rolling pin or another favorite cooking implement.
  • Vacation display. Keep your family holiday in remembrance by placing mementos you have collected during the vacation inside a shadow box frame. For instance, celebrate an unforgettable week by the beach by gluing some sand, shells, twigs, sand dollars and pebbles you have collected from your holiday. You can also have themed displays. For instance, create a China-themed display by adding souvenirs from your latest trip to the Middle Kingdom – Chinese masks, Jade and other stone mementos, a cheongsam (Chinese costume) and others.
  • Childhood memories display. Treasure those fleeting moments with your little one by displaying items from his childhood – such as his christening gown, imprints of her footprint, a favorite rattle or toys.
  • Sports fan display. If you are an avid sports fan who loves collecting sports memorabilia such as your favorite player’s jersey, consider getting a jersey display case. You can also use an acrylic dome to display that autographed ball.
  • Sports career display. If you had your glory days playing a certain sport, you can showcase your jersey, as well as your sports equipment – your team pennant, your tennis racket or baseball bat, ball and catcher’s mitt, along with a picture of your team.
  • Romantic memories display. For some, a wide variety of items can hold sentimental value. For instance, you can frame that dress that you wore when you first met your husband. You can also preserve your bridal bouquet using an acrylic dome. Another idea would be to create a collage of tickets of places and events you and your partner visited – museums, theaters, the movies or the amusement park. You can also include the tickets and boarding passes during your trips as a couple.
  • Achievements display. Celebrate the achievements of your loved one by capturing all his achievements - medals, trophies and ribbons. You can use matting boards as windows to create space for separate medals and ribbons. Achievements don’t also come in medals or ribbons, you can also frame the keys for your first house, car and other special properties. In addition, you can memorialize the souvenir items you had from your first business venture (i.e. personalized pens, the company uniform or t-shirt and so on).
17th Mar 2016 Eric Morgan

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