Silver and Gold Picture Frames for Christmas Décor

‘Tis the season for bright colored lights and decorations that bring out the festive mood! With the holiday season fast approaching, have you thought about your home décor yet? How about making use of gold and silver picture frames that you already have or are planning to buy? These are actually one-of-a-kind decorative elements that add a stylish touch to your home while keeping with the holiday spirit. After the holidays, these frames can still be used to display your pictures.

Silver and gold picture frames already have a special patina that complements a holiday-themed look. Here are some ways you can make use of these frames for your Christmas décor:

  • Framed letters and decor. Use a variety of media to spell out “NOEL” or to display holiday décor such as snowflakes, mini-Christmas trees or wreaths. You can hang these frames as is or use shiny string tied into bows at the top.
  • Holiday wreath. Make an improvised wreath by attaching holly and Christmas ornaments to a round gold or silver frame. You can simply take out the glazing and the backing. The frame should be large enough to accommodate the size of your décor. Since you already have a gold or silver molding, you do not have to fill up all the spaces as the gold or silver are decorative in themselves.
  • Holiday chalkboard. Make a countdown to Christmas or display customized holiday messages by framing a chalkboard. You can spice up this holiday chalkboard with Christmas ornaments such as shiny balls, metal stars or Christmas trees. You can decide to go monochromatic (i.e. gold ornaments on a gold frame) or colorful (shiny yellow, blue and red Christmas balls adorning a silver frame).
  • Christmas balls display. Do you have a big enough frame that is rectangular or square in shape? You can use silver or white ribbon to hang Christmas balls at various heights inside the frame. You simply need to remove the backing and the glazing and attach the ribbons to the back of the frame. Make sure that the Christmas balls are hung at different heights for a more interesting display. To add more interest, you can also make use of different-sized balls.
  • Small frames as Tree Ornaments. Why not give each family member a space not just under the tree but on it? Get a dozen or so small gold or silver frames. Add your favorite pictures of each family member. The pictures should be small enough to fit the small frames. Use these frames, along with your favorite tree ornaments, to adorn the tree.
  • Small frames as wall hangings. Another variation of the above idea is to hang these small frames on the wall or under a door or window frame. Using silver or gold ribbon, hang these frames at various heights, along with other Christmas ornaments such as gold and silver spray-painted pine cones.
  • Framed Christmas cards. Bring out favorite Christmas cards from loved ones and display these using a large rectangular gold or silver frame. You can take the backing and glass out of the frame and then hang one or two lines of wire where you can attach the Christmas cards using clothespins.
30th Dec 2014 Eric Morgan

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