Silver or Vintage Picture Frames for Your Anniversary

As they say, those who are lucky in love can see their marriage go sweeter as the years go by. You can celebrate this sweetness by having a portrait taken every year then framing this anniversary photo and placing it on a wall.

Picture frames can be the perfect tools to help a couple celebrate their years of marriage. This allows the couple to showcase precious memories of the couple’s love and union. Picture frames are also both traditional and personal.

Here are some ideas when buying silver or vintage picture frames to mark your wedding anniversary:

  • Your choice of material and design can reflect the number of years married. Traditionally, a wedding anniversary is named based on the number of years married. This can also reflect on the material of the gift you give to your spouse. For example, a 15th wedding anniversary is also called a crystal wedding anniversary and spouses traditionally give gifts that use crystal (i.e. watches). Picture frames can be very practical in this aspect since you can simply choose the frame that mimics the material – a gilt silver picture frame for a 25th year silver anniversary, a hand-finished wood frame for the 5th wedding anniversary (also called a wood wedding anniversary).
  • Choose a high quality picture frame. A framed anniversary photo can potentially be a family heirloom. Thus, choose a picture frame that will last long. Also, choose a picture frame that bears a classic design so that even across the years, the picture frame will not look dated. A vintage picture frame will do the trick.
  • Use a custom display case for anniversary mementos. Do you and your spouse have a traditional gift every anniversary? Rather than keeping these gifts hidden in a box, display these annual gifts using a custom display case. Did you get couple jerseys of your favorite team to commemorate your fifth anniversary? Why not mount these in a jersey display case? Does your spouse love giving you flowers? Why not get a bloom and displaying this along with your portrait?
  • Scrapbook picture frame. Let your creative side out and try your hand at creating a scrapbook page that features the highlights of a year in your married life? Using pieces of decorative paper and other scrapbook materials, you can add up to four pictures in a single page. You can add embellishments, stickers and journal notes. Once the page is completed, you can now frame the page using a picture frame.
  • Large picture frames for “major” anniversaries and smaller frames for the anniversaries in between. Rather than filling your wall with a collection of large picture frames, you can also choose key anniversaries such as the 5th, 10th, 20th and 25th anniversary as the highlights of your wall display. Then, you can strategically arrange smaller frames to display your portraits for the other years that fall in between these major anniversaries.
  • Picture frames with multiple windows. This can be another version of the idea stated above. Ideally, you can choose a frame with five windows – one large window and four smaller ones. The largest window can house the anniversaries for the 5th, 10th, 15th or 20th anniversary while the smaller ones can be a display of the other anniversary photos.
30th Mar 2015 Eric Morgan

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