Six DIY Picture Frame Gifts

Picture frames are a classic gift, but sometimes just choosing one out of a store can be a bit boring. You want to include some personality in your gift, but you may not have the cash to have the changes done by a professional.

Fear not! If you are looking for some easy do-it-yourself ways to spice up those picture frames for the perfect gift, see below for some great ideas.

Use a wood-burning kit. Wood-burning kits can be found at any craft store, and include everything for the beginner or experienced Pyrographer. Using your favorite wooden round picture frame, use your wood-burning kit to burn in everything from custom designs to monograms or even favorite quotes. This easy DIY can be done by just about anyone and makes for a one-of-a-kind picture frame your recipient will treasure forever.

Upgrade the rectangle. Using a rectangular vintage picture frame, remove the backing and glass. Add a small hole on the top and bottom of the frame, and tie a ribbon or piece of twine with a knot through each hole. Then use this string to attach a few smaller photos either with clips like a clothesline or secure them with glue. This piece looks casual but put together, and is perfect for the shabby chic friend.

Go gold. This method is best for antique picture frames, with ornate stylings. Spruce up the color and add a touch of glamour and royalty by spray painting the frame gold before you add the perfect old photograph or a beautiful painting. This is best for that dramatic recipient who looks a little richness in their decor.

Bring the beach. Using a shadowbox frame, add a matte backing in color of the sand from their favorite beach. Add some glued elements from the shores like seashells, sand-dollars and even the sand itself, and then add a few photos of that last vacation. This will have them remembering sunny shores and laid back days, and is perfect for that friend who could live at the beach year round.

Two-tone your frame. Using a ceramic circle or round picture frame, use some craft paint to add just a few painted accents to the edges or the designs to a make a gorgeous two-toned look. You can even layer some colors to achieve the perfect teal or green look while keeping the overall cream ceramic appearance of the frame intact.

Use washi tape to add some create casual accents. Washi tape is one of the easiest ways to add some design to a picture frame. Available at any craft store, washi tape comes in almost any color or pattern you can imagine. Choose just to do a border, or create a design using the tape. Perfect for a kid's room or a kitchen, these colorful frames never disappoint.

26th Dec 2018 Eric Morgan

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