Some Tips on Mounting Precious Mementos onto Display Cases

Frames are not just for pictures, diplomas and other flat objects. You can actually frame 3-dimensional objects and proudly display these in your home. Victorian Frame Company has several custom display cases for this purpose. This includes shadow boxes, acrylic domes and frames with convex glass. There are even display cases that are specially designed for specific items – flag cases, fan cases, collector plate frames and jersey cases.

These display cases are a great way to show your personal treasures or family heirlooms. Rather than keeping these in a box where they will only gather dust and most likely be forgotten, bring them out for family and friends to appreciate and enjoy.

Mounting 3-dimensional objects into a frame and ensuring that they are securely and safely held fast is a challenge already. However, collector’s items such as autographed baseballs, your coin collection or that precious christening gown that you want to pass on to the next generations pose a special challenge. How do you mount these securely without damaging them and thus lowering their value? How can you be able to remove the items if you change your mind about displaying them or if you want to use again?

Here are some solutions you can use when mounting your treasures and putting them into a display case:

  • Never use glue or any permanent method to secure the item. Even if the glue or the tape used is acid-free, this does not guarantee that the item will not be damaged. If you attempt to pry apart the item from the mounting board in which it is glued against, chances are, there will be some permanent damage to the item.
  • Use silicone rubber sealant. To secure a 3D object to the mounting board of the frame, you can use this transparent and rubbery substance. Apply some silicone rubber sealant on the mounting board and gently but firmly press the item to be displayed onto the sealant. Silicone rubber sealant is easy to remove while minimizing the possibility of rips and tears. Once you take out the item from the mounting board, you can just rub off any residue from the ball.
  • Use invisible thread. The transparent thread can be used to sew jerseys, christening gown or a piece of vintage clothing. You can display the cloth material in the best possible light and still ensure that your display will not move or shift. Invisible thread can also be used to secure objects that are flowing (i.e. such as a piece of jewelry, your baby’s first pair of booties or part of your scarf collection)
  • Use plastic mounting brackets. These brackets, called Mighty Mounts effectively fasten the object into the backing. There are Mighty Mounts that are specifically designed to hold coins, guns or knives, as well as all-purpose brackets.
  • Use foam board. This is a flexible mounting material where items can be sewn into it or a hole can be made into its surface to attach a 3D item more securely. When using foam board, cover it first with velvet, silk or any attractive and plush fabric. This provides an attractive background that serves to highlight the object being displayed.
23rd Jun 2014 Eric Morgan

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