Sports Memorabilia Gifts for Dad

If your dad is a gung-ho sports fanatic, Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show him that he is the #1 player in your team and that you will always be his fan. The Victorian Frame Company has a lot of picture frames and custom display cases that you can use to craft your Father’s Day gift for him.

Here are some sports memorabilia gift ideas for your dear dad:

  • Autographed balls. You can go the extra length of getting a ball autographed by his favorite player. Of course, this is no mean feat, but it can be done. Or, if your dad already has an autographed ball in his possession, all you need to get him is an acrylic dome with a stand. The acrylic dome provides a 360-degree view of the item inside while the ball stand keeps the ball in place. Our acrylic domes can accommodate items as small as golf balls or bigger items such as soccer balls. The acrylic dome serves to protect the ball from dust and grime, keeping it in pristine condition.
  • Framed jersey. Dig into the attic to find your dad’s old jersey from his high school or college varsity days. Give your dad the gift of being able to relive the glory days of his youth with the use of a jersey display case. We have available cases that can accommodate basketball, baseball, football and hockey jerseys. To attach the jersey, use the hanger that comes with the case.You can also sew the jersey onto the mounting board. Use clear (“invisible”) thread so that you do not leave unsightly marks on the display.
  • Shadow box display. The Victorian Frame Company can provide you with custom-made shadow box frames to accommodate a specific shape. For instance, you can put your dad’s hockey stick and puck (the one he used to win the championship for his school), or that very first baseball, bat and catcher’s mitt that he gave you and that you both spent countless hours to play catch with. These are more personal and sentimental than the standard sports memorabilia but can be a cherished gift. You can also mount your dad’s jersey and add captions, pictures and other 3D items using a shadow box frame.
  • Framed season tickets. If you have the budget, why not spring for season tickets for you and your dad? That way, you can watch the game live and together. Then, to commemorate this gift, you can take a photo of the season tickets, have it printed out and framed.
  • Trading card collection. Celebrate this season’s championship players by getting the set of trading cards and mounting these on a picture frame. Be sure to use acid-free photo corners so that your dad can take the cards out of the frame in the future.
  • Framed pictures of yourself and your dad playing sports. Recognize the times you spent with dad by creating a collage or display of some picture of you playing sports together. You can create a collage of that time you went trekking, that fishing trip 5 summers ago or the time you played as a father and son tandem in a ping pong game. 
25th Jun 2016 Eric Morgan

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