Spring Design Trends for 2018

Every year, designers from around the world study patterns, colors and furniture placement to determine what will be in the trendiest of homes for that season.

Even though you may have your tastes for your palette of decor, sometimes these trends can give you great ideas or a sense of what you are looking for when choosing colors and pieces for your home. See below for some of the design trends of 2018.

For colors, look into lavenders and greens. Lavender and lilac are being seen for the spring in everything from bed sheets to furnishings. Green, particularly olive, is coming into the elements to go with some of the nature inspiration that’s big this year. Incorporating these bright and natural colors will make your home feel relaxing and like an oasis.

Regional elements. When looking into using nature in your design, incorporate elements that are local to your area for the best look. Choose colors that work well with each other, keeping it either warm with browns, greens and gold picture frames or cool with blue hues and silver picture frames. Also, think about the type of wood that is prevalent in your area, and you can save a lot on local lumber or recycled materials. Great for your budget and the environment.

Geometrics in your art and functional pieces. Circles are going to be seen everywhere, so take advantage of using them in your living space. A circular glass coffee table makes for an interesting piece that is easy to maintain, and circle frames will also be great for a gallery wall that incorporates this “hot shape.” Also look for the design in pillows, but don’t overwhelm the theme. Only add a few pieces here and there to take advantage.

Brass over silver. The new trend for finishing is to use warm brass tones over the silver we were seeing everywhere last year. This also goes with the green tones discussed earlier, and the natural elements. The goal is to make your home seem warm and inviting, not cold and museum-like. Using brass fixtures will also hide the more unsightly things like fingerprints or grime when trying to keep things clean.

Support local with artisan light fixtures. Using a small local business to create a one-of-a-kind light fixture for your dining area or bedroom is a great way to get a unique conversation piece that’s tailored to your decor as well as support your local community. You can get these fixtures made with almost any material you want, including natural elements like local wood or even animal antlers. Add LED lights for long-lasting and safe lighting, or use traditional daylight bulbs to simulate natural sunlight in a darker room.

25th Mar 2018 Eric Morgan

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