Still More Shadow Box Ideas with Gold and Silver Frames

We can’t get enough of shadow box frames!

These nifty custom-display cases are very versatile and can be used to create your own décor. The results will even be more interesting if you use shadow box frames that have gold or silver finish.

  • Holiday shadow box décor. Christmas is just around the corner! Get an early start by working on some Christmas decorating shadow boxes. Take some plastic poinsettia flowers (the gold or silver ones will work very well with gold or silver picture frames), add some silver holly and strategically place some Christmas lights. You will need to poke a hole on the backing board where the wiring will go through. Another option will be to create a Christmas tree scene. Take some small and “snow-covered” pine trees, layer them by different sizes to create an illusion of depth. Add some snowflake, star or reindeer cutouts. Still another option will be to simply fill the shadow box with Christmas balls or silver bells. Of course, you can reserve some space for the background that will bear a Christmas message such as “May your days be merry and bright”, “Ho! Ho! Ho!” or “Joy to the World.”
  • Purse or jewelry collection. Why relegate your favorite glitzy purses or your costume jewelry to the jewelry box, where you can only take them out from time to time. Attach these using pins or lay them down on built-in shelves. This way, you can enjoy them daily and only take them out if you want to wear them for a night of glamour. To go with the “antique” or “jewelry” theme, use a shadow box with a gold picture frame top.
  • Floral display. Get a gold circular or oval shadow box frame with a vintage design. Get some plastic flowers that belong to your chosen color palette. These could be flowers of various sizes. Arrange and attach these flowers on the backing board. One idea is to use these flowers to take the shape of your family’s monogram. One other option is make paper flowers and then, using a marker, write down (in reverse!) a poem, quote or your family monogram on the glass.
  • Wedding guest names. Remember your special day (your wedding!) and the people who shared with your joy. During the wedding, provide some cardboard cutouts of shapes you like (i.e. hearts, leaves, circles) at the reception table. The guests can sign their name (and even a short message) on the cutouts. After the wedding, you can take your wedding monogram or a couple of bigger cutouts that bear you and your spouse’s name. Place these bigger cutouts at the center and arrange the smaller cutouts so that the names and messages are visible and provide a visually pleasing display. This works well with either a gold or silver framed shadow box.
  • Frozen doll display. Is the “Frozen” fever still on at your home? If your child can’t get enough of Anna and Elsa, why not showcase these well-loved cartoon characters using a silver shadow box frame. Each shadow box can contain one doll. Then, add some details such as the background and other Frozen accessories.
  • Mixed media collage. Create a whimsical using a gold shadow box. Add a colorful background and paste several favorite kiddie toys, one after another. A great idea can be a circus-themed display, where you have a display of animal figurines trying to balance on a ball.
  • Antique kitchen utensils. Provide a homey atmosphere in your kitchen by having a display of antique spoons, forks and other kitchen tools inside a silver shadow box.
25th Oct 2016 Eric Morgan

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