The Allure of Silver-trimmed Photos: Top Selling Silver Frames for You

Silver has its own classic charm and allure. Whether a frame is made with sterling silver, silver-plated metal or silver-gilt wood, these types of picture frames are a great buy. Pictures seem to take on a special gleam when it is lined with the metal’s lustrous gray.

Are you thinking of getting silver picture frames? These are excellent decorative elements as well as great gifts for a variety of occasions. Sterling silver or plated silver frames come with a lacquered finish that allows you to enjoy the gorgeous silvery sheen for a long time without the need to polish the frame.

Here are five top-selling silver frames and where best to use them:

  • Modern, silver-plated frames. The modern design sports a smooth flat surface and a sleek look. This can make the simple lines of this frame both classic and contemporary, depending on what photograph you want to frame. Square and rectangle-shaped silver frames work well with picture ledges and shelves. These picture frames are great for wedding photos or specifically, for photos of your silver wedding. The modern design also makes it a perfect foil for modern colored or black and white family pictures. There are versions of these frames that allow you to engrave your names and the date of the wedding or anniversary on to the frame. However, it is best to use solid silver or a thick plating to ensure that the engraving displays only one type of metal.
  • Silver Keepsake Frames. Highlight treasured keepsakes such as your wedding flowers, your baby’s christening dress or his shoes with a shadow box frame in sterling silver or silvery pewter. The use of silver signifies how much you value its contents. The shadow box design allows you to display your keepsakes while providing them with adequate protection from dust and dirt.
  • Silver Victorian antique picture frames. Think of graceful curves in an oblong or circular picture frame that is adorned with ornate medallions, carvings or ruffled edges. Victorian Frame Company offers these frames with a soft beautifully aged silver finish. The Victorian design is highly suitable for formal portraits such as a wedding portrait. You can also place that treasured yet ancient picture of your grandparents. To add to the antique effect, you can have your picture frame fitted with a convex lens.
  • Two-toned frames with silver lip. The lip is the portion on the inside part of the frame. This is the portion (aside from the matting), that can serve as a “frame within a frame” and further accentuate the features of the photograph. Victorian Frame Company offers a wooden frame with a base coat (e.g. matte black) with accents of fine mists of silver. These come with silver leafing on the inside lip. If you have a wall gallery, this can be used to add some accent to black or white frames you may already have.
  • Silver filigree frames. Traditional silverwork artistry features gorgeous filigree designs and details. These frames provide a luxe and old world feel. These can be used for framing retirement or achievement photos. Sterling silver frames which once bedecked royalty can be an enduring heirloom for the family.
4th Sep 2014 Eric Morgan

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