The How-To’s of Mirror Maintenance

A mirror can be anything from a room necessity to a piece of art, and keeping them looking great can be a challenge due to their delicate nature. Using abrasive cleaners or even the wrong mirror placement can cause irreparable damage to your most prized decor pieces.

Following these simple tips will keep your mirrors not only looking great and functional, but also make them last for generations to follow.

Use a soft cloth and non-abrasive cleaners. Try not to use old or dirty cleaning rags to clean your mirrors, as they can easily scratch the surface. Also, using warm water is enough to get a dust free shine. If you want to develop an all-purpose cleaner that is also safe on your mirrors and glass surfaces, mixing a small amount of vinegar with water in a spray bottle is very effective as a natural substitute. Add a few drops of scented oil to make your surfaces smell great.

Keep any areas where your mirrors hang well ventilated. Moisture, especially on a wood frame, can cause damage over time. Keeping your mirrors dry will keep them from getting warped, and creating a strange reflection effect. If you have a painted mirror frame, this will also extend the life of the paint and prevent chipping.

Hang mirrors away from doors and tiny hands. Mirrors are glass, making them easily breakable and harmful if shattered. Hanging your favorite pieces high enough from children will prevent not only unsightly smudges on the surface but will protect your little ones from getting injured. Also be sure to never install a mirror near a door that can hit it when opened over and over. If you want to hang a mirror inside of a closet, be sure to use extra strong hooks or solvent that will prevent it from falling after the door may be slammed shut.

Check your mirrors and mirrored furniture for damage often. A small crack or signs of moisture damage that are caught early can help prevent major repairs in the future. Take your mirrors to a professional who can restore them to their original beauty as soon as you see signs of problems.

Unpack new mirrors as soon as you receive them. Warehouses can be humid where new products are stored, and weather conditions can trap moisture within the boxes. Open and air out the mirror as soon as you can to let any trapped water to dissipate as quickly as possible. 

27th Aug 2017 Eric Morgan

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