The Many Uses of Picture Frames for Your Home Décor

Picture frames are not just for displaying photos or artwork. They can be wall and mantel eye candy that can add elegance or flair to your home. Picture frames serve to highlight photos and protect them from dust, dirt and grime. These are also glazing in frames that prevent discoloration and distortion to the photos caused by the harmful rays of the sun or even by artificial lighting.

Here are some ways you can use picture frames as decorative elements for your home:

  • Display heirlooms and memorabilia. Thin items such as your grandfather’s diploma, your grandmother’s lace handkerchief or your wedding invitations can fit in a standard frame. Better yet, you can consider framing these in an antique picture frame. For thicker items, you can make use of shadow boxes. There are also display cases especially designed for framing and displaying specific items – fan cases, jersey cases, collector plate frames and flag cases.
  • Display artwork or needlework. Showcase your artistic side by framing your work for all to see and appreciate. You can select the right picture frame to complement your artwork without detracting from it.
  • Add pizzazz to your mirrors. Make your mirrors a piece of “living art” by placing them inside vintage picture frames. These mirrors can be elegant focal points in your home and can be placed above the fireplace, hung above a mantelpiece, the entryway or even above the dining table or sofa.
  • Decorative props for parties. You can use table top frames to hold welcome signs or signs for your buffet table. You can also incorporate photos or drawings placed in picture frames for your centerpieces. Large and elaborate frames can also be used as props for the photo booth.
  • Showcase your hobbies. If you are into jigsaw puzzles, picture frames can show off your finished creations. You can also show guests items that you are passionate about such as your collection of foreign currency, coins or stamps. If you are a movie buff that loves collecting movie posters, you can use more contemporary design to show off your prized collection.
  • Frame your flat screen TV. This modern appliance can be turned into a classic artwork by adding solid wood frames that feature elaborate molding or by incorporating a more modern look through gold or silver metal picture frames.

Repurposing Old Picture Frames

New picture frames are not the only items that can add character and style to your home. You can also repurpose vintage picture frames into:

  • A classy chalkboard. Paint the backing of the frame with chalkboard paint. You can use colored chalk to write your favorite quote of the day. You can also allow your children free reign on the chalkboard to provide them with a medium with which they can express their artistic skills.
  • A serving tray. Paint and secure the backing of the frame. Add handles on the side of the frame and you can use this to serve tea or coffee to guests.
  • Accessory holder. Add strips of wire that run from one side of the frame to the other. Alternatively, you can install a wire mesh into the backing. You can hang your earrings, hair clips or other types of accessories to have an attractive yet highly practical holder.
  • Empty frames to frame your wallpaper. Hang picture frames where the backing has already been removed to make your wallpaper your own kind of artwork. This adds visual interest to an otherwise empty wall space.
2nd Jun 2014 Eric Morgan

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