Throw an Amazing Game Day Party

Nothing brings a crowd of friends together like the love of a sport. Whether college sports are your passion, or you’re more into pro, gathering to cheer on your team is one the best ways to celebrate the fall.

To make the atmosphere really raise the team spirit, there are certain ways to decorate, feed and even entertain your guests (besides the big screen!). Put on your jersey, and send out the invitations because this party is going to be one for the books.

Pick the right game. No one wants to see a guaranteed win, or especially an almost certain loss. While there is no way to predict the outcome beforehand, choosing a game to watch together that will present a challenge for both teams will keep things exciting. Schedules generally come out far in advance, so you should have plenty of time to make your choice and send your save the dates.

Display your pride. If you’re an avid fan, chances are you’ve collected some of your team’s memorabilia over the years. Now is the time to take your most treasured jerseys and save them from the inevitable condiment stain by displaying them on the wall in your TV room. A jersey display case is a great way to add a conversation piece to your party and really add to the feel of the spirit. Be sure to bring out any other items you may have put away for the summer as well, such as coasters, cups, platters or drink huggers.

Food, food and more food. The best snacks to serve at an indoor tailgate party are shareable, delicious and especially plentiful. Making a variety of food for the big day will keep your guests happy and the conversation flowing. Some old favorites like nachos, burger sliders and chips with dip are always good options, but add a fruit and vegetable tray so your guests can snack on some healthy options too.

Have a separate area available for conversation. There are two types of people at any given sports party: those who want to watch the game closely, and those who are just there to socialize. If you don’t want your chattier guests drowning out the scores, have a separate area away from the game where they can carry on their conversation in peace. Your serious fans will thank you, and the mood will stay light and easy.

Keep the kids busy. If you’re inviting entire families, make sure you have entertainment available for your younger guests. Games, a playroom with toys or a fenced in backyard you can view from the window are all options to keep the wild ones running around, and your delicate decor intact. 

14th Sep 2017 Eric Morgan

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