Tips for Throwing a Fantastic Graduation Party

There’s no better time to celebrate than a high school or college graduation. Rewarding the graduate for all the time and effort spent working towards a degree and making valuable memories before they move on to their next phase of life are just some of the very important reasons to throw a fabulous party. Here are some helpful tips for your next graduation party.

  • Pick a date. The traditional time to hold a graduation party is on the actual graduation weekend. Though this is an ideal way to celebrate with family and friends who have traveled in from out of town, it may be tough to coordinate your party with fellow graduates who will be busy with their own festivities. Consider celebrating earlier or later with your friends or plan on throwing your party at a later date.
  • Plan the location. The venue will set the tone for the graduation party. The easiest and cheapest place to host the party is in your own home. However, if the space isn’t adequate consider other options like a restaurant, hotel, church, country club, local pool, roller skating rink or park. Make sure the location has an easy to get to location with plenty of parking.
  • Choose a theme. Many people choose to celebrate their graduation by using their school colors and mascot. However, some other fun and exciting graduation party themes could be a tropical luau, a nautical theme, a 70s disco party or a floral inspired garden party. Think about activities the graduate enjoyed during their time in school and throw a party around their accomplishments. Be sure to include the graduate’s favorite foods, music and to invite all their close family and friends.
  • Decorate. Amplify the theme with creative decorations. Throw confetti-filled balloons around the party area. String lights along the walls or fence. Use floral centerpieces. Add in lots of pictures of the graduate in silver pictures frames or antique picture frames. Use pictures from their childhood and pictures with their school friends to spark happy memories and set a sentimental tone.
  • Add in some fun activities. Place a jar in the center of each table. Have guests write memories on a sheet of paper and read them out loud at the end of the party. Set up an ice cream sundae station or a cookie decorating table. Have a photo booth for guests to make fun pictures together. Honor the graduate with a celebratory toast. Set off fireworks to celebrate the night.
  • Thank the guests. Each guest has played a role in helping the graduate achieve their academic success. Honor them with a fun favor and a lovely handwritten thank you note. 
12th May 2017 Eric Morgan

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