Transitioning Your Home from Summer to Autumn

Long, hot days filled with beach trips and water parks are soon becoming a thing of the past. With the school year going into full effect, it won’t be long before the leaves are turning shades of gold, and a distinctive chill is in the air. 

While it may be a twinge painful to say goodbye to your seashells and blue hues, transitioning your home to your fall decor can be a welcome and cozy change. Put away your watermelons, and light that apple cinnamon candle - because these tips will leave you ready for evening fires and apple pies.

Switch out your silver frames for gold. While each metal is not necessarily seasonal, autumn colors of golds, oranges and rich reds will pair much better with a gold antique frame for your treasured photos. A quick switch for your favorite pieces will really bring out the feel of the season. If you have any other silver decor you put away until winter, like a platter or a candy bowl, matching all of your metals is always a good idea.

A little DIY can save you a lot of dough. Craft stores often have seasonal sales, and feature everything you need to make your home feel like a cozy cabin retreat, inside and out. A hot glue gun, some artificial flowers and leaves, and a pre-ade twine wreath can turn your front door into a welcome sign. Professionally made wreaths are often amazing, but can cost an arm and a leg so get out your creativity and make your own. Leave garlands in rich golds and reds can also spice up a boring mantle. Just be sure to keep the strands away from the fire!

Put out the pumpkins. Whether you like the real deal or an artificial substitute, pumpkins are an essential part of any autumn home. Stack them like a makeshift snowman on your front doorstep, or place them in subtle areas around the house. If you want to mix it up a little, arrange a few different colors and add some gourds, or spray paint them a glittery gold that will reflect the soft afternoon light.

Use your own backyard to gather cheap supplies. Pine cones, acorns and even leaves can be preserved with a little glycerin and water solution. Submerge the leaves for a few days to keep their colors rich all season. Acorns make an amazing vase filler, and pinecones can be used on their own on the table runner or painted and glued to your fall wreath or DIY picture frame.

Invest in a cinnamon broom. These inexpensive accents can be found in most craft or even grocery stores, and make your home smell amazing. Hang one in each room of the house to add a witchy vibe during the month of October, and fill the air with the sweet smell. 

9th Sep 2017 Eric Morgan

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