Unique Places You Can Turn Into A Chalkboard

There are many uses for a chalkboard surface within your home. These functional spaces can serve as a useful way to take quick notes and are a great medium for budding artists. However, not all chalkboards that can be bought are the right size or will fit in the most convenient space.

Fortunately, using a few household items and some craft supplies, you can turn these common spaces in your home into chalkboard surfaces to write and draw as you please. See below for some unique places in your home to transform.

For a more traditional board, try using a picture frame. Take your favorite round picture frame, vintage picture frame or oval frame, and carefully remove the glass to place on a newspaper. If you want to keep things easy, a thick coat or two of chalkboard paint will be enough to create your board, but if you want something just as useful but more colorful, you can create any color chalkboard paint you desire with a primer and colored acrylic paint mixed with mosaic grout. Paint your glass with primer first, and let this dry. Then mix your homemade chalkboard paint, and let dry overnight. Then reassemble your frame, and hang in your desired spot.

For the kids, turn an ordinary play table into an artist space. You'll need a small children's table, which can be found almost anywhere. Once you have the size of table you want, be sure to sand it to a smooth finish for painting. Then use a primer paint, let it dry and follow the same steps as above. Chalkboard paint is probably best for a project like this. You can also paint the chairs that accompany the table if you want your little artists to create coordinating masterpieces. If you're going to make a multipurpose table, you can make the top reversible and have the other side suitable for small blocks or a whiteboard surface.

A playroom wall will you give your kids an endless dreamer space. For home tutoring or art projects without the limitations of space, you can even paint an entire wall with chalkboard paint. Like any time you paint a wall in your home, a primer will be needed first to smooth out any lumps and bumps, as well as cover any existing color, especially if it's bold already. This can be used as anything from a learning area to just a fun place to let the artist's imagination run wild.

Paint a chalkboard door. If you want to be able to leave messages on a large surface, painting an entire kitchen door is a great way to showcase everything from a weekly menu to motivational messages or growing grocery lists. This is also a great tool for teenagers’ doors, as they are often in and out and may need reminders. 

28th Feb 2018 Eric Morgan

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