Unique Valentine’s to Give this Year

A valentine can be anything from a simple card to an ornate gift to show how you feel about the intended recipient. While candy and flowers may be a solid traditional choice, this year, a unique valentine can say what you really feel with a simple gift.

Your token of affection can be romantic, or a platonic gesture to show a friend or family member how much you appreciate them throughout the year. See below for some unique valentine's you can send this year.

A personalized carved tree plank. Carving initials into a tree to show the world love is a tradition as old as time. A plank is perfect for a home with a rustic decor, or a vacation cabin in the woods. These charming pieces can be found in most crafts stores, and the initials carved with a carving knife or a laser cutter for a more precise or intricate pattern. Show the world you want your love carved into nature forever with a preserved plank to hang in the home.

A beautiful piece of art for their wall. If your Valentine likes the more beautiful things in life, a piece of art to hang in their home may be just the way to their heart. It can be a gorgeous antique picture frame or an ornate oval wall mirror to catch the light in the sunroom. A more personal touch would be to find a favorite photograph of the two of you and enlarge it on a piece canvas or quality photo paper.

Delight children with a lollipop bouquet. Instead of fragrant flowers that will be tossed aside in boredom within moments, engage their sweet tooth with a bouquet of colorful lollipops or cookies. As a perfect gift from parents or teachers, children will remember this special gift for years to come after they devour its contents.

A locket for love or friendship. Lockets are the best way to keep someone close to your heart and can be intended as romantic or a beautiful gesture of friendship. Try purchasing a matching pair that you can share, and be sure to include a treasured photograph of the two of you to keep close forever. Or keep a small token in convex glass within the tiny frame such as a pearl or a seashell for beach lovers.

A key to your heart. It may sound cheesy, but jewelry that features small keys is very fashionable. These tiny treasures can represent new beginnings or be given as a symbol of commitment and open communication within a long-standing relationship. Choose gold or silver and hang it on a short, delicate chain so that it may be worn for everyday outfits or easily transition to special occasions.

5th Feb 2018 Eric Morgan

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