Unique Wedding Gifts for Summer Couples

With wedding season in full swing, mailboxes across the country are being stuffed full of embossed invitations to swanky summer affairs and hometown celebrations. With every beginning of a new marriage, it is customary to shower the bride and groom with well wishes and wedding gifts.

However, when you are pursuing yet another registry filled with teapots and toasters, it’s easy to get underwhelmed with your choices. While these items are requested and needed, if you really want to stand out, try one of these unique gift ideas sure to make your thank you note one for the books.

Pressed wedding flowers in a beautiful antique picture frame. It may take a little detective work to get the information on the floral arrangements being purchased for the big day, but a few calls can take you a long way. Get the details in advance so you can properly press the flowers, and add them to a glass frame that your friends will treasure forever in their new life together. Not big on pressed flowers? Go simpler with a collage of photograph memories of the two of you together.

Monogrammed stemware. Say “cheers!” to the new couple by personalizing the clink in their glasses. The bride will love to see any and all things with her newly minted initials, and whether you choose traditional or stemless, this gift will certainly be used and displayed. If your friends are non-drinkers, a monogrammed set of breakfast tumblers will elicit the same response from your happy bride.

A year-long membership to their favorite art gallery or tickets to their favorite show. After the post-honeymoon glow has long worn off, give them the gift of enjoying more time together for their first year. Many places offer memberships as opposed to daily admission prices in order to keep regular patrons coming back, so letting them visit every rainy (or sunny!) day that they like is the perfect way to keep their bond strong.

A destination map for the globetrotting couple. If your friends are world travelers or aspiring to be after the nuptials, a gold framed beautiful map will let them choose their next adventure with ease. Whether for dreaming and saving, or pinning places as they travel, this gift is a literal road map of their love. Throw in some extra fancy gold plated pins, and you’re showing them that you believe they will go far together.

A kitchen menu chalkboard. Make dinner planning a breeze with a large hanging chalkboard. They can do everything from add grocery lists to list meals for the week. Adding a personal touch such as a funny picture or their favorite cooking show catchphrase will make this a kitchen essential. They’ll certainly think of you every time they dig into their baked ziti or Tuesday tacos. 

14th Aug 2017 Eric Morgan

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