Using Circular Picture Frames for Your Photo Wall

Circular picture frames provide an interesting display because of its shape. The unique shape is ideal for portraits, finished needlepoint projects and antique pictures with convex glass. The round picture frames can be antique in design, with convex glass. Or, they can sport clean, simple lines for a more modern and updated look.

When using round picture frames, make sure that the subject is centered and that there is balance and symmetry in the overall image. The challenge is in fitting a picture with a rectangular orientation to a rounded frame.

You also need to remember that the pictures to be displayed should feature a single portrait or a tight group shot. Group shots where the faces are too far apart will not look good for a round picture frame. You can also add to the frames aesthetics by using layers of matting board with complementary colors.

Victorian Frame Company has a wide selection of round picture frames in varying designs, colors and sizes. Here are some of the more popular designs:

  • Saratoga Round Frame. With its narrow 1-inch width, the gentle slopes of this frame can fit in both contemporary and traditional settings. The hand finished frames provide a unique look.
  • Boston Round Frame. This classic frame is 2 ¾ inch wide and features a sloping frame on the exterior. The interior edge has elaborate ornamentation. There are also flowery highlights at the top and bottom of the frame. The Boston design is reminiscent of antique picture frames in the late 1800’s. The frames are available in soft gold, rosewood, taupe, walnut, black, gold and more.
  • Wright Round Frame. Simple, elegant and classic – these can describe this frame design. Its flat frame is 1 7/8 inches in width, with sloping edges on the exterior and the interior. You can choose between single-colored frames or two-colored frames where the other colors are to be found on the exterior and interior edges.
  • Venice Round Frame. The 2 3/4 –inch wide antique picture frame has sloping inside edges with an elaborate flowery ornamentation on its exterior edge. The design is similar to the late 19th century frames that feature classic carvings. This can be bought in one color or two-color versions.
  • Café Round Frame. The 2 1/8-inch frame features a flat surface with rubbed or sloping edges. Its beauty is in its simplicity and elegance. This is available in Matte Black, Rubbed Black, Black Silver, Mocha, Burnished Gold or Silver, Bright Silver or Silver leaf with Brown Antique.
  • Toronto Round Frame. This frame is narrow (barely 1 inch wide), minimalist and modern in design. The design features a flat frame with narrow sloping edges in both the interior and exterior. The frame is ideal for small spaces and even as a frame for mirrors.
  • Heritage Round Frame. This 2 ¾-wide frame has a gently sloping design with pearl beading on its interior edge. The frame is all about understated elegance that can work for both modern and classic design environments. It is perfect for portraits or mirrors.
  • Virginia Round Frame. Another narrow frame that has a curved face and delicately thin beading designs on both the exterior and interior edging. This is available for use with an acrylic dome.
  • Monticello Round Frame. Within its 1 7/8-inch wide frame is a flat center with elaborate yet narrow trimming on both the interior and exterior edges. 
31st Oct 2014 Eric Morgan

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