Using Framed Mirrors to Decorate Your Home

“Mirror, Mirror, on the wall…”

Mirrors are excellent decorative tools. It can instantly light up a room, and add texture and dimension to the look and feel of your home décor. Whether it’s a mirror framed in an antique picture frame or a more modern black frame with convex mirrors, you can creatively use them to add your own personal style and flair to any room. Mirrors do much to accentuate a room’s décor.

Here are some ideas that make use of framed mirrors:

  • Mirrors in the porch area. Add a mirror in an oversized vintage picture frame to tie up the relaxed and laidback look of your porch. This will make the comfy wood bench and the wooden rocking chair seem like an additional room. Complement the look using a rug and some living room items to add to the illusion that the porch is an extension of the rooms inside.
  • Mirrors in the nightstands. Provide your bedroom with mood lighting. Place a vintage picture frame with a mirror behind the lampshade on the nightstand. Allow the frame to lean on the wall. Once the lights are on, the reflections made by the mirror can set the mood for rest, relaxation or romance.
  • Framed mirror on the console. Get an oversized mirror framed with moldings that feature elaborate moldings, or, alternatively, a distressed picture frame. This depends on the kind of look you want. You can place the mirror on the console table and lean the framed mirror on the wall. Put more ornaments such as candlesticks, figurines and other décor. The mirrored frame, with the intricate carvings, can provide some texture and weight to the wall space.
  • Layering using an empty picture frame and mirror. Rather than using a framed mirror, you can hang a plain mirror on the wall and then hang an empty picture frame over it to add more visual interest. You can also do this for the mantle, with the empty frame layered over the mirror.
  • Mirror gallery on the stairway. Have your loved ones and friends view one subject they will admittedly have interest in: themselves. While they are going up or down the stairs, a number of framed mirrors arranged salon-style can land a spotlight on them, brighten up the room, as well as enlarge the space without much effort. You can use an assortment of frames to mix and match and to add to the aesthetics of the stairway.
  • Facing the window. Multiply the number of windows you have in the room by adding an oversized framed mirror right across a window. This can be particularly effective if the window is facing a particularly picturesque scene, such as the garden or the countryside. You are effectively bringing in the outdoors (as well as natural light) into the room. The mirror serves to make the room cozier, more intimate.
  • Mirror on the entryway. Create an impact when a guest enters your house by adding a statement mirror in your entryway. Use a large gold picture frame with elaborate moldings to add to the overall impact of your home décor.
  • Candles and mirrors. Lay a framed mirror on the living room side table. The framed mirror should follow the shape of the table. Add low tea light holders. When the candles and lighted, the mirror will reflect the glow, adding a sense of warmth and brightness to the room.
  • Art and mirrors. Layer your favorite artwork over a larger mirror. The mirror will serve as an additional frame to your artwork, providing an edgy, modern look.
  • Framed mirrors above the windows. If you have a cramped space with low ceilings, place framed mirrors over the windows to create an illusion of space
1st Oct 2015 Eric Morgan

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