Using Glass Domes as Home Décor Tools

Victorian Frame Company’s selection of glass domes can be a great way to decorate that coffee table, shelf, mantle or console table. These glass domes are custom display cases with an especially deep and curved glass cover and a frame like base and can be used to display a wide variety of items. The domes can go as deep as 12”. The dome also works to keep the items inside free from dust and dirt.

Here are the many ways you can use glass domes as display cases:

  • Showcase your collectibles. There are some collectible items that are best displayed in a 360-degree fashion for them to be fully appreciated. These include that golf ball you used to shoot a hole-in-one, that collection of exquisite antique thimbles and marbles or the glass figurines in your collection. There are also a number of tools you can use by which to hang or mount the collectibles so that they are displayed in their best light.
  • Preserve and display your wedding mementos. Why keep your wedding cake topper in the box, when you had it custom-made? Let it have its moments and remind you of your wedding day by displaying it using a glass dome. You can also preserve some small items from your wedding such as the bride’s headdress or tiara, the groom’s cuff links or the Jimmy Choos the bride wore.
  • Present your perfume bottles as a feast for the eyes. Perfumes usually come in pretty bottles and can be a great way to decorate your bedroom dresser or the foyer table. You can also choose your scent right before you leave the house. You can also do these with perfume bottles that are already used up.
  • Display memories.Exhibit well-loved items from cherished times. This can be that first flower your child offered to you, the conch you picked during your family vacation at the beach or that ball that your child made during his first home run.
  • Jewelry as art.Have a revolving display of your jewelry. Use upturned glasses as pedestals for chunky bracelets and coiled up necklaces. You can also use a watch hook to hang beautiful chandelier earrings from the top of the dome. Another idea will be to paint a twig with black or white and then drape your jewelry pieces.
  • Capture nature.Preserved butterflies can be artfully arranged on top of silk flowers or branches. You can even give the impression that the butterfly has just alighted on the branch.
  • Make a terrarium. Create a living thing of beauty with a terrarium made up of mini-succulents, wood, as well as dried moss and herbs. Succulents work well for terrariums, as these do not need a lot of water. You can also simply put in a potted plant, just make sure that you take it out to water it.
  • Display a whimsical ornament. This one will be an opportunity to display your creativity more than anything else. Decorate the dome with monogram letters that you have personalized according to your preference. You can arrange some ribbons, silk flowers and lace. Fold and twist some wire as a holder for fairy lights. This will add a dreamy quality to the display, perfect for the bedroom. You can drill a small hole at the edge of the dome to make way for the wires. Just make sure that you use led lights that are certified safe to use for this purpose.
12th Oct 2015 Eric Morgan

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