Using Large Mirrors to Decorate Your Home

Turn up the mirror magic in your home with oversized mirrors. Mirrors are often relegated to “support roles,” where the focus is on paintings and photos. However, with the right frames, you can actually make them take center stage. These large mirrors do double-duty – as a decorative element as well as a functional one (allowing guests to check how they look). And since mirrors brighten up the room by multiplying the light, think how brighter a room will be with oversized mirrors.

Of course, one can overdo a good thing. Avoid surrounding the room with mirrors as this can ruin the effect, making the room seem cheap and garish. Study and plan the placement of large floor mirrors in strategic areas so that these can work their larger-than-life magic into the room.

Here are some tips when using large mirrors in your home:

  • Place at ignored corners of the house. Give dark corners of the house instant illumination by leaning a large framed mirror standing up. Just be sure that the mirror reflects something worth reflecting such as art or great views, instead of a cluttered shoe cabinet.
  • Brighten the hallway with mirrors. You can maximize the mirror’s reflective abilities in a dark and drab hallway. Introduce natural light into the place by taking a long mirror and hanging it horizontally along the hallway.
  • Double up in the bathroom. For an ultra-luxurious feel, install an extra, extra large mirror in a sturdy antique picture frame. Then layer a smaller mirror over this large mirror. This ensemble can work very well beside a classic bathtub. Be sure that you have enough space between the tub and the mirrors so that they don’t get overly splashed with water. Also, check that the large mirror is secured so that it does not topple over.
  • Place over a wide console table. Buck the rule of thumb that says frames should not exceed three-fourths of the length of the furniture above which the frame is hung. Take a framed mirror approximately the same width as the console table. Decorate with plants, candles and figurines. Complement a classic wood table with a picture frame with thick edges and elaborate woodcarvings and adornments.
  • Place it behind a console table. For those with limited space, position a rectangular mirror vertically and then place a console table right in front of it. This gives the impression of planned space. The space below the table gets its own share of the light because of the mirror.
  • Add character and elegance to a bedroom with a mirror and curtains. Rather than adding wallpaper to create an accent wall in the bedroom, lean a large mirror against an unadorned wall. Using some hooks, install a curtain rod at the top of the mirror. Then hang curtains on either side of the mirror, preferably curtains that are the same as the curtains on the window. This adds light and a feeling of romance to the bedroom. The curtains in the mirror do double duty – allowing you to cover the mirror when the sun’s reflection gets too bright for comfort.
  • Multiply art. Position a large mirror right in front of your favorite painting, so that you double the enjoyment of that piece of art.
1st Mar 2017 Eric Morgan

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