Using Large-Scale Art or Pictures to Decorate Your Walls

If you are looking for a change of pace from your typical wall displays, like complicated and cluttered wall arrangements, consider using a large piece of art or photograph to quickly and easily decorate your walls and make a huge statement (quite literally). Large-scale pieces not only simplify your decorating needs, but it can create a very modern and sleek design for your room.

Regardless of one’s style and taste when it comes to decorating, whether you like things more traditional, modern or eclectic, anyone can use large-scale prints of their favorite people, pets, places or things to create a statement in their home. Here are a few reasons you might consider using large-scale art to decorate your walls:

  • Budget Friendly. If you are starting fresh, picking out one statement photograph may end up costing less than gathering frames and prints for a full wall display. Not only can this save you time and effort, but the large-scale print might actually cost you less than something smaller. Though one might think that larger prints would be more costly, this isn’t necessarily the case for large-scale black and white prints. Simply save the images to a USB drive and ask your local printer to print them out as large engineering prints. The images will take on a whole new look and feel in the larger, black and white format, and should cost less than $20 for the actual print. If you choose to frame the image, consider a large silver picture frame or poster frames—something with a sleek, simple design, as you don’t want to distract from the image itself.
  • It Simplifies Things. A single, large piece of art creates a big statement in any room without the clutter of lots of little frames competing for attention. This creates a clean, minimal look that works well in any space. To give the space more of a modern design, you may even consider using a large round picture frame to showcase your large-scale print. Not only does the oversized art simplify your room, but it can also simplify your life. With one large piece of art on your wall, there won’t be as much preparation, leveling and hammering to do. Once you select something you love, it’s a matter of one and done.
  • It Brings Focus to the Work. Choose your favorite photograph and let that be the focus of your room and something that you and others can enjoy and fully savor. Whether it’s a picture of your favorite place, a great memory, or a photo of a special person or pet, provide plenty of blank space around your piece to allow the image to truly stand out and be the focus of your room. This also brings a gallery-like focus to the work, similar to how museums and galleries hang their artwork. The next time you find yourself at an art gallery, notice that they will allow plenty of white space surrounding each piece to draw the eye to the intended focal point.
10th Jul 2017 Eric Morgan

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