Using Silver Picture Frames for Your Christmas Décor

Silver is a popular color for Christmas. The sheen and luster of silver reminds one of light as it hits falling snow, of tinsel and the glitter of Christmas lights. That is why silver picture frames can be an excellent decorative element for the sparkly holiday season.

Here are some ideas for using silver picture frames for your Christmas decorations:

  • Picture frame wreath. Combine the sheen of silver picture frames with well-loved memories and use these to create a personalized memory wreath. Take about two dozen or so small silver picture frames. Select a combination of portraits and candid shots of family members. Print these in black and white. You can attach these frames using floral wire and shape these into a wreath. You can also add holly, ribbons, raffia and other materials to the base to add to the overall visual effect.
  • Christmas lights wrapped around picture frames. Light up the walls by getting two or three empty medium-sized frames. Take a cord of Christmas lights and wrap it around the moldings of the empty picture frame. A silver picture frame (or a gold one, for that matter) can provide the best effect. Be sure to follow the safety precautions when using the Christmas lights.
  • Framed Christmas balls or other Christmas decor. Decorate your walls with multi-colored, shiny Christmas balls. Use an oversized and empty silver picture frame. You can use silver string of different lengths to hang the Christmas balls at varying heights inside the picture frame. Other variations would be to hang some holly or mistletoe.
  • Garland hanging with picture frames. When decorating the hallway, staircase bannister or mantel with garlands, add favorite family pictures inside silver picture frames. You can also match the frames with the material of the bannister of mantel. For instance, you can use wooden antique picture frames for wooden bannisters or silver metal frames for iron bannisters. You can use the same shape of frames or combine your display using oval, round and rectangular picture frames. You can use Christmas-colored ribbons (red and green) or silver and gold ribbons to hang these picture frames securely to the mantel or staircase.
  • Picture frames as Christmas tree ornaments. Why not adorn your Christmas tree with the faces of people who are precious to you? This not only adds a personal element to your Christmas tree display. It also makes for a unique exhibition of family memories. You can add silver ribbon or string to hang the small silver picture frames all around the Christmas tree.
  • Framed letters. Spell the joy of the season with letters in silver picture frames. Use one frame for each letter to display “J-O-Y”, “N-O-E-L” or even “C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S”. Feel free to decorate these letters with Christmas-themed elements to add to the holiday spirit of the display. You can also frame other shapes, such as holiday socks, autumn leaves, or snowflake cutouts.
  • Framed mirrors paired with lights or Christmas ornaments. Use a mirror to double the display. You can get an oversized mirror in an antique picture frame and then hang Christmas lights or ornaments in front of the mirror. The mirror provides a charming effect as it reflects the glowing lights or shiny ornaments.
  • Framed Christmas trees. Using some wire, you can recreate the shape of the Christmas tree inside an oversized silver picture frame. You can then add Christmas balls, holly and other ornaments.
23rd Nov 2015 Eric Morgan

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