Using Your Christmas Decorations For Parties in January

While most people don’t take down their holiday decor until after the new year, January parties have a different feeling than the cheeriness of Christmas.

If you want to add a touch of sophistication to your party decor without having to deal with an early takedown of all of that holiday cheer, see the tips below on how to incorporate your Christmas decorations into your party.

Put that extra wrapping paper to good use. Gift wrap can come in a variety of colors and patterns, but the best ones to use for these purposes of your party are gold and silver tones. If you have some extra sparkly wrapping paper left over from your gift-giving, try using it as a table to add a touch of sparkle to your party table. For a sit-down dinner, match the metal to your china.

Frame your holiday cards in a gallery wall in your party area for a personal touch. Chances are if you received a holiday card from someone, they are close enough to you to be invited your to winter January bashes. To make them feel their importance to you in your home, make a gallery wall showcasing their holiday cards. Choose a few simple gold picture frames or silver picture frames, and hang their beautiful photos somewhere all of your guests can gaze on them. For a more casual look, you can take a large antique picture frame, and hang each card within it from clothespins on a piece of twine.

Borrow some baubles from the tree for centerpieces. A domed glass piece or a large clear vase is a great place to use ball ornaments as filler for centerpieces at your table or your bar. Use gold and silver, sparkly or matte, or mix a colorful array in to add a pop of color. If you don’t want to use them as filler, you can just lay a few in the center of the table as loose decor. Just make sure not to use anything breakable, as guests may accidentally knock them around while reaching for delicious dishes.

Make your own confetti. If you are practically swimming in unused tissue paper from all of those gift bags, don’t be so quick to stuff it in the trash can. Cut it up into smaller pieces to use as confetti. Not only will you save a few dollars, but you can easily sweep up the mess at the end of the evening, and provide a charming touch to get everyone in the mood to celebrate.

Reuse gift bags as a backdrop for a photo area. Tape all of those rectangular gift bags together in a six by four-foot backdrop to make the perfect size photo backdrop for most camera dimensions. Don't use those with too many opposing colors or pictures. Stick to simple metallics and patterns for the most flattering look.

12th Jan 2018 Eric Morgan

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