Valentine Gift Frame Ideas

Tell someone “Happy Valentines” with the creative use of picture frames! Picture frames are a highly practical gift and can easily be personalized. If you want to take a break from the tried and true gift of a card, chocolate or roses, try creative variations of the picture frame gift to say that you care. Here are some picture frame gift ideas for your valentine:

  • Valentines wreath. Give your friend something to spruce up her valentines – and add color to her room. Take a plain and empty picture frame and glue bright red silk roses all around the frame. At the center of the top edge of the frame, tie a transparent red ribbon – this is how you hang the frame securely on a hook on the wall.
  • Theater and movie memory box. You can use a shadow box frame for this since this kind of display case has more depth for what you need. Choose some cardboard stock in the color you prefer. Print the words “Admin One” or “Movie and Theater Dates” at the top of the cardboard stock. Bore a hole in the shape of a line at the top of the frame. You can simply drop your movie or theater tickets every time you go home from your date.
  • Memory board. Get an ultra-flat cookie tin. Remove the sides. Another option would be to cut a flat GI sheet in the shape of your chosen frame. For a classy or shabby chic look, you can take a medium-sized antique picture frame in the rectangular shape. Cover the cookie sheet or GI sheet with colored paper (such as the type used for scrapbooks). Add some decorative magnets, preferably ones that are Valentines-themed such as heart-shaped magnets. You can tuck in a love note, your picture or some printed quotes.
  • Framed love letter. There is just something about a handwritten love letter. Remind your grandparents about their passionate love. Frame the letter along with their picture in a well-crafted silver leaf or gold leaf picture frame. This can also serve as a great wedding anniversary gift.
  • Photo transfer display. Select a number of your favorite digital pictures as a couple or a pair of your solo portraits. Take several sheets of overhead transparency film and print the photos on one sheet each. Evenly spread a thin coat of glue or clear gloss gel on a sheet of canvas. Firmly attach each transparency sheet printed side-down onto the glue or gel. Rub the surface of the transparency sheet with a rolling pin or a spoon. Check to see whether the image has transferred onto the canvas. If it has, slowly and carefully peel off the transparency film. Frame the canvasses on your choice of contemporary frames.
  • Framed valentine. Take a shadow box frame and decorate it with colored cardstock, buttons, ribbons and other embellishments. Use Scrabble tiles, letter cut-outs or stickers for messages such as “Be Mine”, “I Love You” or “1 True Love”.
  • Chalkboard frame. Give the gift that keeps on giving – love and inspiring messages, that is. Paint the backing of a picture frame with blackboard paint. Using colored chalk, write down poems, quotes and other messages on the blackboard. You can change the messages every once in a while.
  • Instagram gallery display. Transform your loved ones or friends’ most popular Instagram pictures into a gallery display. Take some small-sized picture frames and frame the printouts. You can also print out a Valentines-themed hashtag such as “#TogetherForever” or “MyFavoriteThings”.
  • Shadow box memory frame. Highlight cherished memories with mementos framed on a display case. Did you have an unforgettable vacation by the beach? Memorialize it by displaying seashells, small driftwood or other items you picked during that holiday. Include cropped photos of you lazing by the beach. You can do the same for other occasions – such as anniversaries, birthdays or the day of your engagement.
  • 50 Reasons. List down 50 reasons why you love your partner. This should be short bullet points that you can type into your computer and print out on some craft paper. Some examples include, “I love the way you laugh.”, “March 10, 2014” (if this is a special day for you) and “You inspire me.” Frame this using a well-chosen frame that will complement your partner’s personal space, such as his living room or den. Another variation is to just frame the phrase “I love you because…” on colored stock paper. Then, you can write on the glass using a whiteboard marker. Every so often, write down the one thing you currently love about your partner – such as his new hairdo or a commendation about a task he did that you have been bugging him about.
  • Our special dates. Using your computer calendar templates, you can personalize a year’s worth of monthly calendars with dates that you would like to mark with your special someone. This can be about the day you first met, the day you first kissed and other memorable dates. This can be framed, with sheets changed every month, according to the date. 
4th Feb 2016 Eric Morgan

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