Wedding Frame Gift Ideas

Weddings! After all the efforts and expense in getting all the details just right, the next thing to worry about is capturing the memories – and then framing the best shots with the best wedding frames. These wedding portraits will take a place of honor at the couple’s new home. That is why discerning loved ones and friends can get the couple picture frames for a great wedding gift.

Here are some picture frames that make great wedding gifts:

  • Antique oval picture frames. Very classy and elegant, antique oval picture frames set off sepia or black and white photos to perfection. You can also add convex glass to mimic the vintage picture frames of old. This will look great on a wall display for formal and traditionally designed living room. Popular colors include silver, black or white.
  • Wedding shadow box frames. This can serve to be display cases for precious wedding mementos such as the wedding gloves, wedding invitations, the groom’s garter, the guest book pen or other wedding souvenirs. The shadow box frame has a deeper case to provide the space for these 3-dimensional objects. There are also custom display cases to house the bridal bouquet. The shadow box frame has the dual purpose of preserving the items and protecting them from dust, grime and the sunlight.
  • Engraved silver picture frames. A metal silver picture frame that has the space for engraving of the couple’s name or of the wedding date is an excellent keepsake. You can buy this frame from a frame store that provides additional engraving services or you can buy it as is and let the couple choose the inscription. It is best to ensure that the frame’s molding provides a smooth flat surface. If it is not made of solid metal, then the plating should be thick enough so that the engraving does not take on a two-toned look. These considerations will help make sure that the engraving is clear and readable.
  • Signature frames. Provide the couple their guest book with a signature frame that guests can briefly jot down their wedding wishes and their names. The frame should be wide enough and may have a canvass or cardboard backing. You can place the frame on the reception table so that guests can start writing while coming into the reception hall or before they leave.
  • Wedding collage or scrapbook frames. With a wide-enough frame, the couple can add a number of small pictures, accents such as ribbons, quotes or verses. With a bit of creativity, the display can even tell the couple’s love story or feature their honeymoon. Some decorative options include the use of a multi-window matting board, the use of acid-free scrapbooking board and cutouts or to simply paste the photos, as well as other paper-thin mementos (paper containing the wedding vows, a last-minute love note before the wedding starts, etc.), in an overlapping manner.
  • Colored picture frames. You can also provide a set of colored frames that use the wedding color motif. A number of these can be used as a wedding picture gallery. You can have frames of the same size and color, or an assortment of frames in similar designs.
5th Dec 2014 Eric Morgan

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