Why It is Important to Print Your Digital Photos

In the age of digital media and social networking we are living in, technology has made it so easy to share our every captured moment with the world in an instant. However, with new ease of sharing, we often forget the importance of memorializing those moments for our enjoyment for a lifetime - something digital images are not guaranteed to do.

You may not yet realize the toll keeping only digital files can take on your history, but with these helpful hints, you can be on your way to making sure your pictorial legacy lives on for generations to come.

Technology changes so quickly. These days, even your media files saved to a DVD may become too obsolete to find a device that will play them. Not to mention how frail these discs can be. A single scratch can ruin your saved memories beyond repair. Taking the time to make a high-quality print can preserve something more physical that can last for ages.

Out of sight, out of mind. Too often we snap away on family vacations, weddings and graduations, filling up whatever space we have left on our phones or digital cameras. We take for granted the small amount of space each file can take, and cherished photos are often long forgotten. In order to make sure we can relive these happy times as often as possible, it's important to tell your story in a place where you can view it often - like the common room wall of your home. With the right gold or silver frames, you can turn your beach vacation into a moment you can visit anytime you want.

Highly-edited photos are not designed to be viewed on computer screens. If you are paying the often hefty price tag for a professional photographer, you are not just paying for someone to take a point-and-shoot and create magical photos. Hours are spent editing your photos to perfection, and thousands of dollars in equipment are purchased to make sure even the cloudiest day looks bright and sunny. Do yourself and them the favor of displaying their hard work proudly in your home with your favorite antique frames, and be sure to give them all of your referrals.

Showing off your family unit can help build your children's self-esteem. Studies have shown that children who grow up with pictures of themselves, particularly as part of the family, have a greater sense of confidence and belonging. Showing guests as well as the family that you stand united gives your children a feeling of importance and helps them to know that you care for them deeply.

Physical prints have stood the test of time. Think of how many photographs from significant historical events have given us an insight to life in that time. Prints can be kept and preserved for hundreds of years. Long enough to establish a history for your future family generations, and long enough to offer your contribution to the story of your time. 

25th Jul 2017 Eric Morgan

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