Why Use Picture Frames to Decorate?

Picture frames provide a quick and easy solution to wall decorating problems. A well-selected picture frame or a set of these frames can add an instance touch of glam or modern flair, depending on the frame design you choose. What’s more, a well-selected picture frame can add to the aesthetic impact of a photograph or an artwork.

The Victorian Frame Company is your interior decorating partner, providing you with a wide range of beautifully crafted picture frames that can meet your design needs. We have ornate frames with medallions, pearl beading and metallic inner lip edging. We also offer convex lenses or bubble glass along with our antique frames. For those who want a more modern vibe, our website also has a selection of modern frames with simple, clean lines.

So, why design with picture frames? Let us count the reasons:

  • 1.Picture frames tie up a look. Picture frames can help to set the tone for the room. The wall tends to be the first thing someone sees when one enters the room. Frames are very effective in creating the desired theme or ambiance so that it ties the other elements in the room –the furniture, the home accessories and lighting. For instance, an oversize and ornate antique picture frame placed on the main wall of the living room places all the other design items into context – one that aims to provide a formal and traditional atmosphere. For an elegant look, you can pair white walls and traditional wood furniture with elegant and gently curved picture frames.
  • 2.Picture frames tell a lot about the homeowners. Picture frames can give someone an up close and personal glimpse to you and your family’s personality. What you place inside the frames indicate what you value. Framed pictures of your family show that you value your relationships and family memories. Framed artwork and quotations not only tell one the art genre you like, but also that you are one who considers art as something to be appreciated and enjoyed. There are also homeowners that have their fun with framing a variety of items such necklaces, cherished toys, monogram letters, that tell the visitor that the occupant of the home likes the kitschy or whimsical atmosphere.
  • 3.Picture frames add character. Picture frames give the room a unique character. The contents of the frame in itself already tell a story but your choice of backing board can also add to the ambiance of the room. You can combine warm and neutral colors in the backing and matting boards to contribute to the cozy atmosphere of the room. Change the backing and matting boards (and the items being frame, of course) and you get a room that sizzles with energy and dynamism.
  • 4.Picture frames serve as accents to a plain wall. Liven up a rather boring wall with picture frames. Of course, your choice of paint color will contribute a great deal to the room’s overall look. However, picture frames can serve as an accent, breaking the monotonous surface with pops of color and personality. The good thing is that these accents can easily be changeable. You can simply change the matting board and the item being framed and provide a different wall accent without having to change the picture frame.

Remember, there is a certain artistry in framing items and the placement of these frames and accessories on the wall. 

30th Sep 2016 Eric Morgan

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