Why Use Picture Frames?

Walls look lifeless and boring when left bare. Even with the right choice of paint color or wallpaper, a plain wall will look just like that – plain. This is where picture frames come in. These are excellent decorative devices and can be used with images, mirrors or just empty.

Picture frames create ambiance and can complement the mood that you are going for in a room. By using an antique picture frame, you can evoke a classical and elegant atmosphere. For a more modern look and feel, you can make use of chrome or black picture frames that use simple and straight lines. A shabby chic themed room can be greatly enhanced by taking a vintage picture frame and distressing it.

Picture frames indicate what is precious to you. What you display on your walls can speak volumes – it tells your guests what you hold dear. Displaying your family pictures and family heirlooms show that your family is important to you. Hanging your grandparents’ antique photo (complete with convex glass) indicates that you value your ancestry and roots.

Picture frames accent pictures. Pictures are indeed worth a thousand words. They tell their stories or they tickle the imagination into making one’s own version of the story. For those who are in the picture, photos also provide a chance to go down memory lane and reminisce the special memories attached to the photographs. Whether these be photos of people, landscapes, flowers and sceneries, pictures make for excellent wall décor. You can have a gallery display using multiple frames or just highlight a single frame.

Picture frames can protect the item framed. Of course, you can decorate your walls by hanging the pictures as is, with clothespins or something similar. However, displaying a bare photo will expose that photo to the elements. Picture frames provide protection so that photos last longer. Picture frames provide structure. Otherwise, the picture will become warped, folded or creased. The glass in the picture keeps the moisture, dust and grime from coming in. Picture frames also come in varying levels of conservation and these feature acid-free paper and materials, protective glazing and UV protection. The rule of thumb is that the more precious and irreplaceable your photo, the higher the conservation levels.

Picture frames enable you to display photos in different ways. Aside from hanging the frames on the walls, you can also display the frames in ledges and shelves, as well as tabletops and mantles.

Picture frames can display other items. Aside from photos, you can also frame mirrors, paintings and posters. Placing them in well-chosen frames can enhance these items. Frames serve to draw the eyes and add contrast between the wall and the item inside the frame. Special display cases such as a shadow box frame can also be used to showcase sports jerseys, plates, fans, flags and other three-dimensional items.

Picture frames add visual interest to the wall. Frames need not contain anything. They can be displayed empty and still add depth and texture to the wall. The key is to choose picture frames that have elaborate and decorative molding so that you allow the simple beauty of the frames to emerge. Choose a variety of picture frames (with similar colors and designs) and lay them in an overlapping manner. This overlapping style can be displayed on top of a mantle table or picture frame ledge.

16th Apr 2016 Eric Morgan

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