Why Use Shadow Box Frames?

Go 3-D with yourhome decors, keepsakes and memorabilia using shadow box frames. Shadow boxframes are picture frames where the display section is recessed and provides acertain amount of depth so you are not limited to simply paper and other flatitems. Instead, you can put in three-dimensional items and transform it intoattractive pieces of wall art.

Shadow box framescan feature flat or convex glass, as well as matting and backing. You canchoose the color of the backing to complement the items you want to mount onthe frame.

Here are some usesfor the shadow box frame:

  • -Childhood memories. Celebrate and preserve keepsakes thathighlight your child’s precious moments. You can keep his first pair of shoes,his christening gown or the Bible that was used during his christening. Tomount these items, you can use self-adhesive interlocking strips or mountingpins. First, consider how you will arrange the gown or shoes into the box. Besure that any cloth items are well-pressed with no creases. Then, you can pinthe gown or the shoes into the backing.
  • -Memories as a couple or during your weddingday. Are you the type whostill keeps mementos that trace your love story? How about those tickets to themovie or the museum where you had your first date? Or your first couple shirt?You can also feature items from your engagement and wedding. For instance, youcan keep and display the cork from the champagne when you got engaged. Forwedding memories, you can combine, along with a selected photo, some items youused. This can include your (carefully dried and preserved) bouquet orboutonniere, the cake topper from the wedding cake, the wedding ring pillow,the tiara or hair accessory or samples of your wedding favors.
  • -Family treasures. Family heirlooms are priceless and prizedpossessions that need careful preservation. This can be that handmade lacehandkerchief passed down from your great grandmother, that watch your belovedgrandfather always wore and passed on to youor other items that trace your family’s history.
  • -Items that reflect your passion. Because shadow frames are so versatile, youhave a wide variety of items you can put on display. This can be sportsmemorabilia. Sports jerseys have their own special jersey display case. You canalso display items such as golf, baseballs or even a deflated basketball. Thiscan also be items that showcase your hobbies. If you are an ardent fisherman orhunting enthusiast, you can put that trusty fishing rod, hunting knife orrifle.

You can actually besurprised about the items you can place into the shadow box. Victorian FrameCompany offers you the choice of the picture frame style, color or finish andshape. Popular shapes include oval, round and square frames. We also makecustom display cases according to your requirements. Previous shadow boxescrafted include shadow boxes for golf clubs, wedding bouquets, guitars,wineglass and a baseball bat and catcher’s mitt.

Aside from shadowboxes, Victorian Frame Company is also your go-to place for other displayoptions. You can choose from collector plate frames, glass domes, flag cases,jersey display cases and other display cases. We also offer a wide variety offrames – vintage picture frames, wood frames and metal (gold and silver pictureframes).

27th Feb 2014 Eric Morgan

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