Wood or Steel Picture Frames?

If you are thinking of buying a set of picture frames to decorate your home, you will be amazed at the wealth of choices you have, especially if you try shopping for these frames online. You can choose from high-quality molded plastic, heavy paper, acrylic, glass or mirror picture frames.

Two of the more popular choices are wood and metal frames. Both of these types of frames have a special quality in them that adds character and personality to your décor. They can also carry a wide range of designs and colors. Both can be used for displaying pictures and artwork. However, wooden and steel picture frames only work for particular décor themes or motifs. You need to carefully make your selection so that you get the right kinds of frames you need for your home décor.

Metal Picture Frames

Metal picture frames can be bold and dynamic. The metal holds its own energy, and imbibes this to the room. Depending on its design and style, silver picture frames as well as other picture frames made of metal can suit a wide variety of interior decorating styles, including:

  • Contemporary. This style features a minimalist look – sleek, with simple lines and the least amount of fuss. The predominant colors will be white, black or silver chrome. You can add metal picture frames in stainless steel, nickel or chrome finish to add to the overall look of the interior design. You can also incorporate mirrors framed in metal to add to the warmth of the room.
  • Industrial. This is another take on the contemporary interior design. This aims for a “renovated” look – with barns, warehouses or other industrial buildings. This design feature exposed beams, high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows and lighting fixtures with an industrial look. You can complement this style with a metal picture frame in dull or matt finish.
  • Art Deco. This is another take from the modernist style and is about patterns and geometric design. This features wooden floors, mirrored walls and wall panels and modern furniture with metallic touches. The predominant colors are black and white with pops of bright shades. You can use metal picture frames that use patterns such as chevrons or sunburst patterns.

Wooden Picture Frames

While metal is more about heat and energy, wood is warmer, more comforting and inviting. While wood is also versatile and can be used for a wide range of interior decorating style, wood is more on traditional styles. These styles include:

  • American Country. This style exudes a relaxed atmosphere – cozy and warm. These feature pottery, wicker, brick fireplaces or walls, floral or gingham fabrics, wooden floors as well as accessories such as baskets and carved wood. Wooden picture frames with simple lines are ideal for this style.
  • Traditional. This offers classic elegance that harks back to the 18th century. These feature antique furniture, rugs and floor coverings, floral, striped or plaid fabrics, as well as tabletop accessories that come in pairs (i.e. vases or lamps). You can use antique picture frames with ornate wooden carvings. This can be finished in silver or gold leaf, as well as all white.
  • -Shabby Chic. Again, this provides a casual look but with a romantic ambiance. The furniture is elegant but with a lived-in and distressed look. The shabby chic style features chandeliers, floral fabrics and comfortable furniture with lots of cushions. You can use wooden vintage picture frames in an all-white finish.
4th Aug 2015 Eric Morgan

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