Your Options for Custom Picture Frames

Picture frames come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. There are round picture frames, oval ones and rectangular ones. At the Victorian Frame Company, you can also get frames in the shape of a heart, an octagon, a hexagon or oblong. There are also cathedral frames which have one curved end and one flat end, reminiscent of a cathedral window. You can also choose from among inline oval frames, vintage picture frames and display cases.

However, if you want a picture frame that is uniquely designed according to your specifications, be mindful of the following options you have available to you:

  • Type of frame. There is the solid wood frame, as well as inline oval frame and frames made of metal, PVC or plastic. This is best to display photographs and certificates. However, if you desire to mount a 3-dimensional object into a frame, you can consider ordering a custom-made frame based on the following types of frames:
    • Shadow box frame. This features a recessed display section in order to display 3D objects such as flowers, medals and sports memorabilia.
    • Flag case. This is specifically designed to securely hold a three-corner folded flag.
    • Jersey case. Jersey cases follow the shape of hockey, basketball, baseball or football jerseys. There are also jersey cases that are rectangular in shape to fit any type of jersey.
    • Fan case. Display your collection of decorative fans through a fan-shaped case.
    • Collector plate frame. This is for showing off awards in shape of a plate or antique collector plates.
    • Acrylic or glass domes. These are for items that need a lot of depth in the display.

Victorian Frame Company can produce custom-made frames based on your unique design and desired shape and depth.

  • Purpose for the frame. Your choice for custom-made frame will depend on your own unique style as well as the kind of item you would like to frame or display. Aside from pictures and memorabilia, you can also frame your flat screen TV and your mirror. For frames which you plan to use as a decorative accent, you can have frames that feature more elaborate molding. For canvas artwork or needlework, you will need to stretch these first on the mounting board.
  • Matting. This is the extra layer of board within the frame. This works to provide a “frame within the frame” and to make the overall look of the frame more attractive. Matting can be wrapped in fabric such as velvet
    • Conservation mats. First, when deciding on whether you would like to add mats to your picture or artwork, you should consider getting conservation mats. These do not contain lignin or acid that can cause discoloration or damage to the picture or artwork.
    • Multi-window matting. This provides multiple windows that would frame individual items inside the big frame. You need to decide on the design of the multiple windows and the size of each window.
    • Multiple-layered matting. Aside from single mats, you can also layer mats in contrasting yet complementary colors for added visual effect. When deciding on the number of layers, though, you need to check that the overall thickness of the glass, the photo and the mat boards would still fit on the available space in the frame.
  • Glazing. Consider adding glazing to your frame to protect against the sunlight, as well as from dust and grime. There are glazing options that enable UV protection of up to 99%. These filter the damaging light coming into the frame and onto the photo or art work. You can also look for glass or acrylic glass that provides optimal clarity and minimal distortion.
27th May 2014 Eric Morgan

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