How to Select the Perfect Picture Frame

Artwork doesn't appear polished or complete without a picture frame. Requiring a complimentary style, picture frames help define and draw attention to artwork. Interior designers recommend the following steps when selecting picture frames for artwork:

  1. Art - Always have a piece of art in mind to pair with a picture frame. Never purchase a picture frame and then try to find a piece of artwork. When looking at the artwork, determine if it's casual, formal, traditional or contemporary. This helps determine the style of frame that is needed to highlight the artwork.
    1. In general, photographs  and modern artwork pair well with bold frame finishes and shapes.
    2. Canvases look good with floating frames.
    3. Watercolors and traditional paintings look best in antique, ornate silver, gold or carved wood frames.
    4. Color determines the mood of the painting.
    5. Most artwork is complimented with neutral mid-tone woods or black frames.
  2. Display - The context of the room is also important. If the room reflects antique decor, a contemporary frame may appear out of place. The home's decor and design elements should be considered. Upholstery, furniture, paint colors, textiles, drapes, pillows and rugs should compliment framed artwork.
  3. Scale - Artwork can easily be customized with large mat borders or narrow frames. Large artwork is easily constrained without a mat. Smaller pictures look excellent with easel backs, making them perfect for nightstands, foyer tables or credenzas.
  4. Preferences - Preferences include budget and ease of assembly.
  5. Protection - Consider protecting valuable artwork with custom UV tints and acid free matting. Select anti-glare glass for high light areas.
  6. Taste - Custom frames are a matter of personal taste, so what appeals to one person may not be attractive to another. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so it's important for artwork and frames to reflect a personal sense of style.

Always order from a company that offers a 30-day refund. This allows errors to easily be corrected, whether it's the wrong measurement or the color of the frame doesn't compliment the artwork or home's decor. As with all computer monitors, colors can vary slightly, which is why it's important to work with a reputable company that understands the importance of finding the perfect picture frame for artwork.

Victorian Frame Company offers more than 40,000 frame combinations in various sizes, shapes, colors and styles. They also specialize in producing custom frames and glass for one-of-a-kind pieces with atypical measurements. Their picture frames come in the following shapes: oval, oblong, round, heart, rectangle, cathedral, octagon and hexagon. They also offer other home decor, which includes display cases, vintage mirrors, wall mirrors, convex glass frames and framed mirrors.


24th Jan 2014

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