Picture Frames: More Than Framing Artwork

Picture frames are more than just for framing pictures. This attractive home accessory is perfect for creating ambiance and generating buzz-worthy interests.

  • Refrigerator Art - To give kitchens an upscale vibe, consider framing children's school photos or memorable pictures. Magnets can easily be affixed to the back for a one-of-a-kind kitchen art gallery.
  • Trays - Antique picture frames are works of art. Instead of purchasing a coffee table or vanity tray, try using an attractive vintage picture frame that is lined with decorative fabric or colorful paper. With antique frames having extra depth, guests won't know it's a repurposed picture frame.
  • Key Holders - Instead of haphazardly placing keys in entryways, consider purchasing an attractive picture frame and framing it on the wall of the foyer or near a garage entrance. Remove the glass and place an eye-catching material or paper inside and attach hooks with strong adhesive to the material. This creates a unique key holder that is a masterful work of art.
  • Decorating - No one ever said that frames had to contain something. In fact, some frames are so beautiful they are literally works of art. Group a variety of vintage or antique frames together; remove the backs and glass to create unique wall groupings. They can be layered on top of each other or mixed together, which creates an exclusive graphic statement.
  • Jewelry Organizers - Picture frames are perfect for organizing jewelry. Purchase a pretty picture frame and remove the glass and backing. Screw small eyelet hooks into the top of the frame with pliers, string with piano wire and hang necklaces or earrings from a wall-mounted jewelry case.
  • Bathrooms - Dress up bathrooms with custom framed mirrors. Using dual mirrors over each sink gives bathrooms an upscale, designer appearance.
  • Shadow Boxes - Remove glass from shadow boxes and place a beautiful arrangement of flowers inside. Hang over a living room sofa for an instant focal point. Bonus: floral arrangements change with the seasons, giving rooms an edgy, updated vibe.
  • Panels - Rectangular panel-style picture frames can easily be decorated with wallpaper inside for a spectacular addition to dining rooms. This allows homeowners to add wallpaper touches without committing to an expensive project.
  • Frame a Frame - To create an expensive look, consider framing artwork and then placing a larger frame around it - sans matting and glass. This creates a custom, lavish frame within a frame appearance that is sure to impress guests.

Victorian Frame Company offers a fantastic selection of picture frames, including oblong, heart, cathedral, hexagon, octagon, rectangle, round and oval. Perfect for highlighting home decor and artwork, these frames also pair well with round mirrors, wall mirrors and modern mirrors.

29th Jan 2014

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