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Creating an Amazing Gallery Wall

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Every home has that one particular wall that is just begging to be covered with some sort of decor. Some may choose to leave it with one main focal piece, like a painting or a mirror, and some may want to use as much of the space as possible.

If you prefer the latter, a gallery wall is a great way to show off your favorite photos or art pieces, while making a huge statement. The great thing about gallery walls is that there are several types to suit all different personalities. See below for tips on how to find the type for your home.

Use as much space as you want. Decide where you want your gallery wall to be, and then map out how much of the space you want to use. Do you want all of the available areas to be used or just a small portion? What kind of frame does the area need? You can choose between oval picture frames, rectangular or circular picture frames. You can also do a combination of all, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

Mixed metals or a singule color? Choosing between gold picture frames or silver picture frames may start to make your head hurt, particularly if you already have a collection of both. If you want a more uniformed color scheme, no matter the contents of the frame, choose one color metal to make it more cohesive. If you want more of a bohemian collective look, mix your metals to make the look a little funkier.

Choose your contents. Some gallery walls are all photographs, and some are all art. If you want what’s called a “collective” gallery wall, a mix of both is what you need. This also allows for you to finish your wall piece by piece over time, instead of waiting for all of the pieces to be ready to frame and hang. If you want a cleaner look, choose all photographs, and add a touch more of uniformity with all black and white. Collective walls tend to be more “haphazard” in appearance, but with a little work on placement, the pieces can fit together like a well-planned puzzle.

Use shadowboxes to include three-dimensional objects. Your wall should be a collection of who you are, and what you love, so including pieces that are more collectible items instead of art or photos can really show some personality. A great way to include these pieces is through the use of shadowboxes. This will allow you to frame the pieces without losing some of their clarity by keeping them three-dimensional.

Include mirrors to reflect light. If you are making an eclectic collection, add some round wall mirrors or small oval mirrors to reflect the light in the room, and add some focus on your gallery wall. This little trick also pulls double duty by making the room look larger. 

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