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Decorating the Dining Room Wall

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The dining room is about relaxing and companionship – family and friends gathering to enjoy a good meal and each other’s company. That is why it is important to provide the right ambiance – one that can either encourage conversation or provide a soothing atmosphere. The general rule is to go for soothing or peaceful images, rather than controversial ones.

Here are some things you can hang on your dining room wall:

  • A horizontal rectangle mirror. This is a framed mirror with a rectangular shape hung in such a way that the wider part of the mirror runs along the wall, rather than down the wall. This way, you achieve an illusion of spaciousness. The mirror also succeeds in reflecting mood lighting that may come from a chandelier on the ceiling or a pair of lighting scones across the room.
  • Framed images. Have a series of antique picture frames with similar themes (i.e. botanical prints or watercolors). This adds an air of elegance and a cozy atmosphere. Or, if you want a shabby chic look, a vintage menu board on a simple black frame will be a great touch. You can hang these frames on the wall. Alternatively, you can use a picture ledge and layer the frames to provide added texture and depth. A picture ledge also allows you to introduce other elements such as a monogram letter, some figurines or a small plant.
  • Vintage-themed wall. Pair vintage wallpaper (i.e. light damask or flower designs) with a gold gilt picture frame of a still life featuring food or a pastoral scene. Add to the vintage appeal with a pair of antique wall scones.
  • Plate collection. Get those antique decorative plates out and showcase them where people can enjoy their delicate beauty! You can get the Victorian Frame Company’s customized display cases that are especially designed to hold designer plates. We have collector plate frames that can hold one or two plates. Another option is to securely mount colored plates on specially designed hooks or extra-strong adhesive. You can also install a plate rail along the wall to accent that wall and break up the vertical space, emphasizing the wideness of your dining area.
  • A gallery of small mirrors. Play with the lights by installing a number of small-sized mirrors in various sizes on one wall. This bounces back the lighting and provides interesting angles of the room and the people dining around the table.
  • Oversized chalkboard. For a more casual vibe, get an oversized picture frame minus the glazing. Apply chalkboard paint on the backboard. Use colored chalk to write assignments/chores, inspirational thoughts or the menu for the week. This provides you with a changeable display.
  • Wallpaper. Style up your dining room with specialized wallpaper to transform one wall into the room’s accent wall. These can be a colorful and striking pattern that adds to the beauty of the room. You can hang empty picture frames on this accent wall to soften the boldness of the paper a bit.
  • Wall decal. These specialized stickers can add quotes or a splash of color to an otherwise empty wall.
  • Open shelving. Now if you already have a gorgeous wall, don’t hide it. Rather, install some open shelving and arrange your colorful crockery to add more visual interest to the wall.

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