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Exciting and Fresh Graduation Party Themes

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Planning a special and personalized party for an event as special as a graduation can be an overwhelming task. Streamline your ideas by finding a theme for the graduation party. Here some new and fun ideas to celebrate the end of high school or college with a theme the graduate will never forget.

  • Backyard Brunch- Graduation weekends can be a very busy time with the required graduation ceremony, picture taking, and visiting with family and friends. A backyard brunch would be a lovely time to celebrate and connect early in the day. Serve tasty breakfast foods like waffles, muffins, egg dishes, and fruit juice.
  • Beach Party. Make your graduate feel like they are the guest of honor at a beautiful beach party. Bring the party to the beach or bring the beach to your party with beach décor. Blow up beach balls, set up beach umbrellas, and serve lots of cold drinks and Hawaiian BBQ. Light up tiki torches around the outside parameter of the party. Have a sand castle building contest and set up chairs to relax around a soothing beach campfire.
  • Big City Living. Does your graduate have plans to move away to a certain city? Decorate the party with a theme centered on that particular city. If heading to Chicago, serve Chicago deep-dish pizza and create a sign welcoming everybody to the Magnificent Mile. If moving to New York City, serve bagels and create a photo backdrop with a giant printout of the Statue of Liberty.
  • Fiesta Fun. Send the local taco truck to your event venue and treat the guests to a candy-filled piñata. Set up a dance floor and play salsa music.
  • Sail Away. You can’t go wrong with a nautical-inspired party. Use tones of navy, red, and white and decorate with plenty of anchors. Create a photo wall with round picture frames featuring photos of the graduate behind it and use a giant fish net as the backdrop of the photo wall.
  • Smart Cookie Dessert Party. Bring on the sweet tooth! Set up a food buffet with various types of cookies, labeling each one, so party goers know what they want to choose. Serve with cold bottles of milk. Plan this party for mid-afternoon, so guests feel free to indulge in their favorite treats.
  • Vintage Party. Celebrate days of the past with a classic vintage themed graduation party. Use lace tablecloths, vintage picture frames with black and white photos, and serve the food on antique china and crystal stemware.
  • Garden Party. Host the graduation party in your back yard or a local park garden. Serve a cake decorated with flowers and cookies decorated in the shape of flowers. Place colorful flower bouquets on the center of each table. Create a photo collage of the graduate with the oval picture displayed over the floral material. 

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