Acrylic Domes for Displaying Your Treasures and Keepsakes

Why keep your precious family heirlooms or important mementos in a box somewhere in the basement or the attic? They will only be hidden and only gather dust. Most likely, you will forget about them until you find the time to sift through your things. Worse, they may fall victim to vermin, mold or mildew. However, you may be hesitant to put them on display because that may mean exposing them to dust and grime as well as to curious pets and children.

This is where an acrylic dome can help. You can proudly organize and highlight them in a place where people can see and appreciate them while ensuring that they are safe from the elements. Acrylic domes are less prone to breakage and can feature glazing that can add another layer of protection against the harmful sunlight.

These acrylic domes are used to store, preserve and display items that you don’t want to lay down flat. Instead of pressing flowers, you can display them in all of their beauty as a wedding bouquet or funeral garland. The same goes for items such as butterflies mounted in a 3-D setting or a collection of small items (such as thimbles). Other items that have been placed inside glass domes include sports equipment and memorabilia (i.e. baseball bats, ball and catcher’s mitt), sports cap or shoes.

The dome can be as high as 7” and includes a wooden base that is either oval or circular in shape. There are also domes that go with other shapes such as heart shapes or octagonal shapes, but these are not as common. The base is where the acrylic dome will be securely fitted and attached. With Victorian Frame Company, the base size ranges from 4” to 36” in diameter. This is available in different colors and finishes. You can choose from natural wood finishes (such as honey oak or natural oak), silver or gold leaf or classic colored such as black, blue or hunter green. You can also opt to include watch hooks at the top of the dome, as well as display platforms and hanging wire.

The dome can either be displayed standing on a shelf or horizontal surface. It can also be mounted to a wall frame where viewers can look at it not just from the front but also from the sides.

Some considerations when buying glass domes:

  • Check the features of the dome. There are domes that offer protection from the ultraviolet rays of the sun (and even artificial indoor light) and that are also designed for maximum clarity and optical quality. These domes also do not age or yellow over the years.
  • Remember the cleaning requirements. If youopt to get an acrylic dome, be sure to remember that you will need to carefully clean it using acrylic polish and a soft cloth to prevent scratches.
  • Mounting methods. If you would like to mount your wedding flowers on a display case, it is best to have a professional handle the preservation and mounting. As for other items, be sure that these are securely installed in the dome but also consider the permanence of the mounting method. Avoid using glue or silicone to items that are valuable and that may be damaged when you need to remove it from the base. It is best to consider using display cases especially designed to fit the dome or to use wire that hang from the top of the dome.
  • Convex glass or domes? Convex glass, which is also available at Victorian Frame Company, is mostly for shallow displays since it can only bend to up to ¾ inch or 1 inch at the most. This works best for 3D objects that are not as thick. Acrylic domes are for thicker items that need more depth in the display.

Victorian Frame Company also offers antique picture frames, inline oval frames and display cases.

19th Jun 2014 Eric Morgan

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