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How to Show Off Silver This Summer

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Silver is the perfect metallic accent to go with those breezy blues and sea greens in your summer decor. However, you want to be selective with your pieces so that your silver doesn’t outshine your other colors and patterns.

If you are looking for a great way to incorporate silver into your decor this summer, see these great ideas below and you’ll be putting away the gold until those first fall leaves hit the ground.

Change up your gallery wall. A gallery wall is a grouping of picture frames together that cover a large area of a main wall. You can go with all antique picture frames, all oval frames or mix and match as you please. Keeping a common theme is what is going to make the look more cohesive, so choosing all shades of silver will look amazing against your summer color schemes.

Add in some double duty accent pieces. Silver trays are easy to find and make for very beautiful and purposeful accent pieces for your coffee table or end tables. They can be remote trays, serving dishes or book holders. Find unique pieces at an antique store, or start a collection with a specific pattern. These gorgeous pieces are also great accents to a bar setting to hold your favorite decorative bottles or glasses for display.

Add larger pieces with mirrored furniture. Mirrored end tables or nightstands are some of the most beautiful and hot designs for modern homes. These stunning pieces reflect light and draw attention to themselves without overpowering other pieces in the room. Add just one piece here and there to keep the focus, and match it with complimenting colors in cool hues on the walls, in the other furniture pieces or with the curtains.

Take it to your tableware. Silver pitchers and serving trays are a gorgeous way to serve that ice cold lemonade this summer and impress your guests at your outdoor dinner party. Smaller pieces can be mixed and matched with other china as well such as sugar bowls or serving spoons. Incorporate your own new pattern of china to be passed down, or show off a set you inherited from someone special in your life.

Display your favorite flowers. Using a silver vase or a vase with silver accents is a beautiful way to display your favorite summer blooms. Decorate your own with broken mirror pieces, or choose one of the hottest geometric designs that are trending everywhere this season.

Sparkle with your lighting. Brighten up the room with unique silver plated lighting fixtures or a sparkling chandelier. The summer sun will look gorgeous reflecting off the glittering metal and casting sparkle all over the room. 

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