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Thinking about adding a little bit of mirror magic in your home? It will be helpful to know your options and where you could place these to maximize its visual impact. Let’s take a closer look at mirrors, shall we?


Antique mirrors. Antique mirrors instantly give the room a sense of history and old-world charm. It can even be the room’s focal point and main attraction. These are primarily mirrors that are over 100 years old. The mirrors themselves will have imperfections due to age and ancient manufacturing techniques – which make the mirror even more interesting. These mirrors can come with metal or wood antique frames as well as a variety of styles (depending on when they were manufactured). Some antique mirrors feature the Gothic, Baroque, Victorian, Art Nouveau and Neoclassical styles. Now, if antique mirrors are a bit out of your budget, you can always get framed mirrors with antique-style frames from us. These will be very affordable.

Wall mirrors. The Victorian Frame Company offers a wide selection of framed mirrors. We have oval, round and rectangle mirrors with high-quality wood frames. You can choose from contemporary, simple or classic styled-frames. Our mirrors have wide frames to provide support for the overall weight of the item. Wall mirrors are an easy way to add some “oomph” to a room. Placed at the right area, a wall mirror can brighten up the space and make it seem more spacious. You can place this mirror above the mantel, the console table in the foyer, or above the living room sofa.

Leaning floor mirrors. These are oversized framed mirrors that are designed to be leaned against the wall so that the upper edge touches the wall while the lower edge is secured on the floor. These mirrors are great to brighten up hallways and entryways and provide people with the opportunity to check out their appearance as they go in or out of the house. You can also place a leaning floor mirror in ignored corners in the living room and the dining room. Make sure that the edges are lined with rubber strips to prevent the mirror from sliding and falling.

Traditional floor mirrors. These are large vertical rectangle mirrors with a stand. Also called cheval mirrors, these provide a strong accent to a room that needs no hanging or leaning. The stand usually allows the mirror to swing at angles – the better for the viewer to see his or her appearance from head to toe. The mirror is ideal for the bedroom, the walk-in closet space or again, at the entryway.

Vanity mirrors. These are smaller mirrors that are useful in vanity tables, to make makeup application even easier. These may also come with their own stands, as well as built-in lighting. The small size makes it easy for you to pick it up and put it closer to your face.

Swing arm mirrors. These are commonly placed in the bathroom, especially if one has limited bathroom space. These come with a swing and extendable arm and wall mounts so that you can adjust the mirror as needed. You are also able to take a closer look at your appearance as you perform personal grooming rituals (applying makeup or shaving).


Shape. Straight lines, arches and curves provide different effects on the overall look of the wall or the room. Round and oval mirrors can provide a softening effect on rigid lines or edges of the walls. Also framed oval mirrors are very much like antique portraits – this time, a “personalized” portraits as one looks at the mirror. Rectangular mirrors framed take on the effect of a landscape painting and will work very well above a living room sofa.

Glass. Of course, antique mirrors will have a different surface and type of glass. This will usually have imperfections that are caused by age. For newer mirrors, you will have silvered glass, where there is a coating of silver nitrate at the back of the glass. Aside from this, mirrors can be convex or concave. For instance, you can achieve a different look when you use a concave glass mirror rather than a plain flat one. You can imagine the visual impact of a series of framed round mirrors that have a convex mirror surface. In addition, some mirrors are beveled, with the edges of the mirror cut diagonally.

Frame design and color. The Victorian Frame Company offers beveled mirrors, as well as wood-framed mirrors. You can choose from a variety of styles, depending on the kind of look you want to achieve. For instance, we have classic designs that feature flowers, beading, medallions and other elaborate carvings. We also have frames with contemporary designs with simple and smooth lines.

17th Mar 2017 Eric Morgan

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