Antique Picture Frames: Adding a Timeless Touch to Your Photos

Photos of classic art or of your great, great grandparents are best highlighted with an antique picture frame. These frames usually come with elaborate molding designs that give off a luxurious and historic aura that reminds one of the beautiful bygone days. The intricate designs and classic gold or silver finish also make them great collector’s items and family heirlooms.

Tracing the history of antique picture frames

Frames for artworks and portraits hark back to the 1600s, when frames were purely for holding artwork. These frames did not hold any decorative elements began to be used as decorative elements themselves. It was during the 17th and 18th century (known as the Baroque and Rococo periods, respectively), that the frames began to take on more ornate designs on its moldings. These frames were gilded with gold and other metals. Over time, however, people started looking for simpler frame designs as photographs made “portraits” more affordable.

Still, antique picture frames have a timeless beauty that continues to attract collectors. There are even collectors who treat antique picture frames as hanging art sculptures in themselves, even without the artwork or portrait they used to frame.

Getting antique picture frames through Victorian Frame Company

Authentic pieces can fetch thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, Victorian Frame Company provides high-quality, wooden vintage picture frames. These come with interesting molding designs and your choice of gold or silver finish. These antique picture frames are not just great for displaying photos of your ancestors. If you have a favorite photo dressed up in Western costumes or sepia photos from the theme park, an antique picture frame will be a great way to show them off.

Here are some of Victorian Frame Company’s product offerings:

  • Santa Fe Frame. This solid-wood, hand-finished frame comes with an ornamental rope decoration along its outside edge (which can either be oval or round). You can choose a gold leaf, aged silver or gold finish. You also have an option of adding a convex lens instead of flat glazing.
  • Jefferson Frame. This classic favorite solid wood frame comes with medallion ornaments on the molding as well as graceful beading designs along the edge. Ideal for soft pewter décor, this can also be used as a mirror frame. This oval or round frame comes in soft silver, gold leaf, gold paint, antique white, walnut or rosewood finishing.
  • Kensington Rectangle, Oval or Round Frame. This popular frame comes with elaborate beading details on its edges, with a scooped middle and delicate pearls on the inside edging. Its wood is hand gilded and aged to a soft brown antique color with optional silver leaf, rosewood, taupe, walnut, champagne gold or silver or gold leaf or spray finishing.
  • Venice Frame. This comes in various shapes – round, oval, hexagon, octagon, rectangle, cathedral and even heart shapes. This frame style features ruffles at its outer edges that is reminiscent of the late 19th century design. The smooth inside edge can take on another color or finish. The overall width of the frame molding is less than three inches. The hand-application and leafing process means that each product is unique.
  • Rome Frame. This is a classic Victorian design with an elaborate ruffled edging and a 1 and 7/8” wide scoop. This comes in round or oval shapes that are hand-finished with your choice of color – antique white, silver, walnut, rosewood, gold leaf or gold paint.

These are just some of the fabulous finds you can get from Victorian Frame Company. For more choices, simply visit our website.

9th Aug 2014 Eric Morgan

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