Changing Your Decor from Summer to Fall

Summer is a wonderful season full of long days and bright colors, but as the leaves start to turn and the wind gets a bit chillier, you may feel like the watermelons and sunny beach decor needs to go back in the basement for a few more months as you switch out your decor.

If you are looking for some great ideas on how to make your home ready for sweater weather, see below.

Create warmth with bronze and caramel pieces. When changing out your wall decor, take down the modern sleek oval picture frames in pastels or silvers in favor of vintage large ornate picture frames that favor warmer tones like bronzes or golds. This will go well with the fall colors of oranges, reds, and browns. Also look into switching out simple decor like lamp bases or flowers vases for caramel toned pieces.

Get cozy with chenille throws. Chenille is a soft and pliable fabric that makes for an amazingly cozy throw to liven up any couch or oversized chair. This “messy chic” decor is a classic way to update your home by incorporating colors that match for any season and are very simple to interchange with the weather. For Autumn, warm coffee browns or deep dramatic reds can take a cream couch from Summer to Fall in no time.

Use natural elements. Wheat and cotton sprigs are very reminiscent of fall weather and can be displayed beautifully for a simple and elegant decoration. You can make a unique table centerpiece or a mantel display with different size glass domes and a sprig or two of the wheat tied together and standing up.

Change your door hangings. Your front door is the first sign of greeting for your neighbors and guests, so it’s an important place to change our your decor. Hang a bright fall wreath with autumn leaves plaid ribbons, and flood the floors with pumpkins and gourds of all shapes, sizes, and colors. For a charming and useful touch, a rocking chair is a great addition for a front porch where you can sip on a warm drink and watch the wind blow the bright leaves from the trees.

Add farmhouse rustic touches throughout the home. Tin watering cans as planters, large wooden distressed frames, corn husks, and rooster centric pieces are all farmhouse chic that can put you in the mood for making cider or apple picking in a cozy sweater. If you want to add more of a lodge feel to a great room, then a well-placed deer or moose head can make you feel like you’re on hunting grounds without leaving your home. 

3rd Oct 2019 Eric Morgan

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