Choosing Picture Frames that Match the Style of Your Home

The home needs to have a consistent look and feel. Going for consistency in style prevents a room from feeling cluttered and disorganized. As you are planning to decorate your walls with picture frames, do so with the room’s existing design in mind. Your choice of pictures and frames should not clash with your décor. Instead, they should complement and “flow” with the rest of your design elements.

One important thing is to recognize the current style of your home. It would not do to buy antique picture frames when your living room is all modern, sleek and contemporary. In the same way, silver chrome modern frames will look out of place in a room that is primarily country/rustic in design.

Here are some suggestions of what frames to get depending on the design of your home:

  • Traditional, English Country Style. If your living room is more about manor-house grandeur or simple elegance, get classic antique picture frames with gold or silver leaf to match. The elaborate designs of the edges of your frames will match the elaborate moldings on the ceiling. The English country style décor is characterized by traditional furniture made with ornate wood and floral chintz fabrics, warm and colorful rugs and patterned wallpapers. Overall, it exudes a warm yet traditional atmosphere. You can also add additional touches such as a mirror placed in a Victorian-inspired frame in oval, round or rectangular shapes. Try to hang a large-sized classic painting above the base cabinet or sofa. If you want a television in your living room, you can also frame this in an antique-style frame to match the overall décor.
  • Contemporary style. Sleek and streamlined – this is what contemporary décor is all about. This is also characterized by bright or monochromatic colors, as well as metallic hues. Some frames that match a contemporary style include silver picture frames, as well as black or solid-colored frames with simple, clean lines. Usually, the moldings of the frames are thin or lined with metal. Another option is to hang “floater” frames on the wall – these are pieces without any visible frame, rather the piece “floats” as the edges of the photo wraps around the base. You can also put your frames in black or glass picture ledges with strategic lighting to highlight your frames.
  • Country or rustic style. This is marked by a cozy and comfortably worn-in ambiance that predominantly uses wood. The country style evokes a feeling that you are inside a farmhouse. Display wood-finished frames in well-lighted wooden shelves or atop cabinets. You can choose from wood finishes that range from light to medium-dark tones such as white, maple or birch. Avoid using wood finishes that are too dark. Choose frames that have simple but broad and rounded molding. When framing pictures on the wall, try not to have a perfect alignment with the frames (which is more common in contemporary style).
  • Shabby chic or casual style. This denotes a free-spirited quality with the design. It’s as if you raided your mother’s attic or went through several flea markets to achieve your style (which may not be too far from the truth). The furniture will usually be traditional ones that are sanded and distressed and then painted with light and airy colors. The same goes for the picture frames – these will primarily be vintage picture frames that have distressed or cracked wood finishing.
  • Casual, eclectic style. Quirky and lined with statement pieces such as interesting art or sculptures. You can display anything like movie posters or prints. The eclectic style can also be more about Bohemian chic, with slouchy fabrics where nothing has to match. Choose frames with wide scooped molding, thin ones (if you plan on framing a statement piece) or unique frames (e.g. mirror-edged frames). 
19th Aug 2014 Eric Morgan

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