Choosing the Picture Frame You Need

Picture frames are a very affordable and personalized decorative element in the home. Frames (and the subject they display) can instantly light up a room or give it a distinct personality. A picture frame gallery display can trace your family history or showcase treasured memories. These can also display your passion.

Now, how do you choose the right picture frames for your display? With the wealth of options available, newbies can feel overwhelmed and confused. Here are some things you need to consider to help you make your choice:

Consider the subject. What is the subject being framed? If you plan to display family and individual portraits, you can go for the timeless and classic silver picture frames with elaborate molding designs or a more solid and traditional wood frame in mahogany or walnut. For more modern pictures or abstract artwork, you can go for a contemporary look with black picture frames that feature straight and simple lines. If the image being framed is elaborate in itself, do shy away from using heavily ornamented molding as this can distract from the image. The general rule is that the frame will serve to highlight the subject.

Consider the overall look of the room. Generally, each picture frame should be able to stand on its own and hold its distinct personality and style. However, you still need to consider how well a picture frame ties up with the rest of the decorative elements you have in the room. This way, the room will not look cluttered and give off an “unsettled” atmosphere, which can happen if there are plenty of competing themes. For instance, a room designed with a rustic look and feel (complete with heavy wood furniture and brick or log walls) should ideally use wood frames. Meanwhile, vintage picture frames (particularly those in white) will work well with shabby chic or traditional themes. Silver chrome or black frames suit a contemporary design.

Think of what will work better – matching frames or diverse frame choices. Your choice of frames will depend on the kind of look you are going after. Here are some options:

  • Matching frames. For a gallery display on an accent wall, you can either try to tie all the photographs into one big display by choosing matching frames that are placed on a grid.
  • Different frames with the same color and texture. If you want to play it up and add another layer of visual interest for your display, you can play with a number of complementing looks. To make it easier to tie your look, you can choose frames with different designs, shapes and sizes but with the same color. You can get our creative juices going and try your hand at mixing and matching frames with mirrors, monogram letters, masks, posters and other wall decor.
  • Different frames for black and white photos. If you want a selection of different frames (mixing black, white, grey and metallic frames), use sepia or black and white photos. The photos themselves will provide the unifying factor in the midst of the diversity.

Use pops of color in strategic areas. Choose a few elements that will insert a pop of color to your frame collection. This will make the overall display more vibrant and dynamic. This pop of color can come in the form of a bright yellow color in the midst of your black and white photos, or a bright red picture frame that will serve to anchor the entire the display.

4th Jul 2015 Eric Morgan

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