Decorating Baby’s Room with Picture Frames

Congratulations on the baby!

The nursery in your home is a testament of the family’s excitement at the impending arrival of a much-loved and much-awaited new member of the family. With the crib, rocking chair, changing table and other baby-related accessories prepared, the next thing to focus your attention will be the walls.

You can paint the walls with the colors of your choice. You can also paper one or two of the sides to add more visual impact. But the walls will still be bare and will need an extra touch. Picture frames can do the job! Picture frames are actually a quick, affordable and hassle-free way of decorating the nursery walls.

White or silver picture frames can be ideal as these complement pastel-toned hues, which as the usual tones used in nurseries. You can also use classy and elegant vintage picture frames for a shabby-chic look.

Here are some things you can frame to decorate the nursery walls:

  • Baby’s name or monogram. You can take a medium-sized frame to highlight the baby’s monogram. Or, you can use an oversized picture frame to hold the baby’s name. Get creative in spelling out the baby’s name. One option is to use a panoramic picture frame, with matting that holds several windows. Each window can contain a letter of your child’s name. You can also use wood letters, smaller frames or ribbons shaped as letters. Other alternatives include crayons, wire or other materials to take on the shape of the letters.
  • A prayer, poem or sayings. Say a little prayer or recite a poem for your baby and have this framed on the wall. You can also frame your favorite sayings. You can even find these sayings helpful in calming and relaxing you during the sleepless nights you will be going through.
  • Baby’s mementos. Use a shadowbox frame as a display case for your baby’s keepsakes. This can include a mold of the baby’s foot or hand, his first bootie or onesie, her christening dress and other items.
  • A 3-D display. Get your creative juices working and create a framed 3-D display. You can take a small beanie toy and frame this with other accessories such as flowers, balloons, ribbons and blocks.
  • The baby’s sonogram photo or portrait. Highlight the very first time you saw your baby with his sonogram pictures. And, once you are able to get portraits of the baby, you can display your favorite shot right above the crib.
  • Music sheets. For the musically inclined family, frame the music sheets for your favorite lullaby or song. You can add pops of color in the matting.
  • Framed animals. You can have a zoo or animal-themed room with a series of animal pictures – in color, sepia or black and white, depending on the look you are going for in the room. You can also frame an animal bust for more texture and visual effect.
  • Alphabets. Give your child his head start in learning by having an alphabet display. This is also a great way to provide a lot of color and texture to the nursery display.
  • Framed board. Why not have an ever-changing photo display? You can get an oversized frame and wrap its backing with colored fabric. You can then print out photos of your baby and stick it in this board as often as you like.
8th Dec 2015 Eric Morgan

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