Decorating with Antique Picture Frames

Antique picture frames, even replicas, have their own unique charm and visual appeal. They add to the interior’s atmosphere and personality. Perhaps it is because they give a sense of history. Or, it may be that the intricate designs of the moldings are a work of art in themselves.

You can get old picture frames from flea markets and garage sales. Or, you can take a look at your parents’ or grandparents’ attics to see if there are such frames tucked away inside a box. You can also buy excellent frames with vintage-inspired designs from Victorian Frame Company. You can also get a shadow box frame with antique frame moldings.

With these vintage picture frames, you can get creative as you adorn your walls, shelves and tables and add your own brand of personal flair. Aside from using these frames for displaying pictures, here are some ideas you can use:

  • Vintage mirrors. Have a fascinating display of mirrors mounted on antique frames. Whether you use a single framed mirror or a number of mirrors, the combination of antique frame with the chrome-like modernity of the mirror makes a great impact. When placed at the foyer wall, this makes an excellent welcome for loved ones and friends. It says, “Oh, there you are! Come right in!”
  • Framed vase. Use an open shadow box frame with antique moldings. The depth of the shadow box should provide enough space for you to place a vase with flowers or a transparent vase filled with colored balls or other adornments. You can change the display and add fresh flowers regularly.
  • Framed fireplace. Try this unique take on the antique frame. Use an oversized frame – or have one made. This should provide enough space for the fireplace and should be far enough from the fire and heat to prevent the wood from warping. The frame should be at least one foot away from the fireplace.
  • Fun yet classy chalkboard. Add a touch of class to a functional tool by using a vintage frame with its backboard painted with chalkboard paint. You can use this in the kitchen to take note of shopping lists or recipes, the kids’ rooms (where they can have fun personalizing their wall whenever they feel like it) or your office (for your to-do lists). You can also place it above the mantle, where you can write down your family’s favorite quotes.
  • Easy headboard. Add some texture to your bedroom wall by using an oversized vintage frame as a headboard. All you need to do is remove the backboard and glazing and then hang this above the bed. You can also add some adornments by hanging smaller frames inside.
  • Reflectorized bedside table lamps. Add to the romantic atmosphere of your bedroom by placing framed mirrors behind the lamps. Up the romance a notch by using antique frames. The mirrors will gently reflect the light.
  • Accent on a console or mantel. Give an additional layer to your mantel or console décor pieces by providing them with a framed background. Use a black vintage frame to add depth and height to your decorations. You can also layer the empty frames – a bigger frame at the back with a smaller frame at the front. As a variation, you can also place the frame in front of your other decorative elements to provide a “window-effect” for these knick-knacks.
  • Framed television. Put a vintage feel to your modern flat screen TV. Use a large frame and mount the TV inside it. You can use a black or silver picture frame for that unit in the family room.
26th Aug 2015 Eric Morgan

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