Display Classic Elegance with White Picture Frames

The color white denotes a lot of things – natural beauty, innocence, elegance, purity and wholeness. It may also speak of new and brighter beginnings. This color can soothe and relax. It also exudes a light, calm and inviting environment. As a design element, white can be a perfect way to set off other colors and images. This makes white a very practical color since it can virtually match any other color and style (whether one prefers a romantic, minimalist, modern or vintage style).

White is a very common color for picture frames, and with very good reason. The color is so versatile that you can use it for vintage picture frames, shabby chic picture frames or modern picture frames. White picture frames also make easy complements for a room’s overall look. You can change the color of the wall or the furnishings and the white picture frames will fit right into the look.

Here are some ideas on how to use white frames:

  • White on white, with bright-colored images. You can use a white picture frame with white matting. This can provide the perfect background for images that feature bright colors, making the images pop out. This works for photographs, prints, posters and even your children’s drawings. To make a gallery display, get a number of white picture frames in the same size and design. These frames should ideally feature simple molding designs. Then, add white matting and mount a series of similar themes or images. However, it should be noted that white frames and matting will not work for pastel or black and white images.
  • White, with black and white. You can forgo the white matting and go straight to the image. To offset the beauty and nuances of a black and white photograph, mount it on a simple, all-white picture frame.
  • Shabby chic white. Go for the comfy, lived in look with white antique picture frames. The elaborate molding is made more “approachable” and welcoming with white-colored moldings. You can also transform a colored picture frame into a white, distressed frame with some white paint and sand paper. Paint the frame’s moldings in white, let try and sand on key areas such as the corners in order to let some of the original color of the frame peek out.
  • White-framed mirror. An oval or rectangle-shaped picture frame can be an excellent background for the metallic sheen of the mirror. For more visual effect, use a vintage picture frame or one with elaborate moldings. The framed mirror can be placed at the foyer (for a warmer welcome) or inside the bathroom, where it can soften the dark and solid feel of the tiles and sink.
  • White with wild prints. Combine form and function and make a definitive statement with a white-framed corkboard. Rather than using the corkboard as it is, wrap it in a wild-patterned fabric such as animal prints, bright flowers or strips of color. The white frame with its wild prints adds interest and texture to an otherwise sedate room.
15th Jan 2015 Eric Morgan

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