Display Ideas for Your Kid’s Artwork

Do you have budding artists in residence? As parents, we can support them and let them know we appreciate their talent by providing them with the materials they need, as well as the guidance and encouragement that will let that artistic talent blossom fully. Your kids’ artwork will be a priceless collection and should have its own display. And no, the ref will not provide enough space for the volume of masterpieces your kids will produce in the next few years.

Of course, there are some considerations. You would want a display that complements the room where you will place the art pieces. You also want a display that can easily be changed as your children make new pieces. You can designate an area in your home as the art wall – this can be the family room, the stairway or the dining area.

So, here are some ways you can showcase your child’s work at a place of honor:

  • Use a number of empty frames. For collages, watercolor pieces, finger-painted paper or even canvas, it can be quite easy to simply attach them to the wall using some Blu-Tack or a similar product. You can use this reusable putty to attach light objects onto the wall by simply applying some pressure on the surface. You can also remove the pieces as needed. To add to the visual impact, hang a number of differently colored and sized empty picture frames to the wall.
  • Transform the frames into corkboards. If you don’t like to use Blu-Tack, you can attach a sheet of corkboard to the backing of a number of oversized picture frames. This way, you can fit in a lot of pieces in one frame. If you have more than one child, you can add a monogram letter of your child’s name or his picture at the top, so people know who created which piece. With these corkboards, you can easily use pushpins to attach the artworks. For a more whimsical display, you can use matching vintage picture frames painted in a bright color.
  • Hang them up. You can use a curtain rod with ring clips. The clips can be adjusted and moved as you attach different-sized artwork. Another option is to use a piece of wire and wood clothespins. Yet another (less flexible) option is to take a strip of wood, paint it a similar color as your wall (or a different color if you want the strip of wood to pop out). Then, you can glue some clothespins at key areas along the strip of wood. You can even recruit your child to design their strip of food or add a note such as “Jessie’s artwork” or “Lisa’s Masterpieces.”
  • Luxe it up. Give your kids’ artwork the deluxe treatment by hanging the artwork in white or silver picture frames with an elaborate wood molding design.
  • Use floating wall shelves or picture frame ledges. Fill up the wall with these shelves. This can allow you to layer a number of frames of different sizes. You can also add 3-dimensional art pieces such as clay figurines, Popsicle art, painted stones and more. This is a very versatile display option without you having to worry about poking a lot of holes in your walls.
  • Clipboards. Get a number of identical clipboards and attach them to the walls in a grid pattern. You can leave the clipboards as is or paint the clips a bright color.
15th Apr 2017 Eric Morgan

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