Displaying Your Collection Without Clutter

Hobbyists have been collecting items since the beginning of history. Everything can be special to someone, and gathering particular items while traveling, working or even while sitting in front of a computer screen can be thrilling to a collector.

However, after you have gathered an impressive amount of your favorite pieces, having somewhere to put them without looking like a hoarder can be tricky. Learn some great tips below on how to correctly display your obsession.

Make a gallery wall. Maps, photographs, playbills or posters have the benefit of being flat enough to place in your favorite frames. Maps, especially older ones, look particularly stunning in vintage picture frames or gold frames. Be sure to group similar period items so that you can show a progression in the collection to your guests.

Take advantage of already existing shelving. If you have some free shelves in a room in your home, try putting a section of your collection there instead of hiding them behind glass. Snowglobes, figurines and other small objects are perfect fits for shelving, as they won’t weigh it down or look chunky and awkward.

Pick an appropriate room. If you are an avid sports fan, or have one in the house, displaying sports memorabilia can be a great way to show your fanship. However, if your living room is more modern decor and less sports bar, having baseball bats or jersey display cases can look out of place. Pick a room in your home that can be a cozy hangout for these treasured items, like a hobby room or study.

Make it interesting. If you want your collection to be a statement, have it stand out in your decor. Seashells on the mantle or figures who appear to be interacting with each other will draw the eye to their location. Don’t have your treasures just sitting next to each other in a row on a back shelf, make them front and center to really show them off.

A divided case is divine for smaller objects. If you are a collector of tiny things, like dice or playing cards, put them on display with their own section in a divided case. Haphazardly arrange them if you like, because this is one look where randomness is part of the design. You can even leave a few boxes empty, either for new pieces, or just to create space.

Light it up. Whether you choose to create custom lighting within your display, or use natural light, having the right lighting on your collection will be the perfect finishing touch. Crystal or glass objects will sparkle next to natural sunlight, and that famed signed baseball card will look very important to you in a pre-lit display case. 

5th Nov 2017 Eric Morgan

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