Eye-Catching Wall Decorating Ideas using Picture Frames

Decorating your walls does not require you to spend an arm and a leg. It takes some resourcefulness and a good source for high-quality frames (such as The Victorian Frame Company) to provide a visually pleasing and interesting addition to your wall. You can spruce up your walls with these creative ideas:

  • Framed maps. Use an oversized antique picture frame to hold a vintage map or a simple black frame for a modern map. You can add more interest to the maps by providing details of where you plan to go as a family or where you have already been. You can use pushpins, souvenir coins or key chains to mark these places.
  • Mirrored gallery display. Keep the empty wall from being boring by adding a collage of mirrors held in vintage picture frames. The mirrors instantly brighten up the wall and provide the room with a feeling of spaciousness. Mirrors have their own brand of charm, since any person would usually like seeing their own reflection.
  • Mirrors in round frames. Mimic the sailor vibe with a row of round picture frames holding mirrors in convex glass that can remind one of the peepholes inside a ship. These can provide an eclectic look and feel to a room.
  • Kitchen art gallery. The empty kitchen wall can be the perfect spot for your family photographs. For most, the kitchen is the place where people congregate – to chat, to enjoy a quick snack and to simply share each other’s company. Surround this place with favorite family pictures displayed in the gallery style – either as a grid or in varying heights.
  • Cutout silhouettes. Another option for decorating your empty kitchen wall is to get black silhouette cutouts in the shape of popular cooking implements – such as a chef’s hat, a rolling pin, a wooden spoon and so on. Print out pages of a cookbook in sepia print. You can also have colored photocopies of old handwritten recipes. These will serve as the background for your cutouts. Place these inside simple modern picture frames and display these frames in a grid style.
  • Framed calendar pages. An old calendar does not need to be consigned to the garbage bin. The pages of a calendar are ideal for framing, since these follow an overall theme and are artfully designed. All you need are some white picture frames with uniform matting boards.
  • Framed shelf. Add some pizzazz to a shelf by framing its outside edges with the use of an oversized antique frame. Or, you can do it the other way around and nail some slats into the sides of the frame – this can serve as the shelf. You can adorn the shelf with curios, cups and small decorative objects.
  • Child’s artwork. This inexpensive decorative option can provide lots of color and character to a room. A child’s happy and optimistic outlook can be seen in the brightly colored lines and shapes. Display his masterpieces and imbibe the room with an atmosphere of whimsy, wonder and cheer.
  • Jigsaw puzzle. If you love completing complicated jigsaw puzzles, you can display your finished project by framing it. When you start working on a puzzle, do so with a large flat piece of cardboard or a surface that you can easily turn over. When the puzzle is completed, turn it over and then glue the piece securely so as to ensure that no piece gets dislodged. You can use frame spacers to prevent the puzzle pieces from sticking to the glass.
6th Apr 2016 Eric Morgan

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